Summer Reading

Class of 2017
Summer Reading Assignment

Summer Reading


Stuffed and Starved by Raj Patel is a perverse fact of modern life: There are more starving people in the world than ever before (800 million) while there are also more people overweight (1 billion).  To find out how we got to this point and what we can do about it, Raj Patel launched a comprehensive investigation into the global food network.

The summer reading program is a tool used by many colleges and universities around the country to initiate campus-wide conversations around issues of power, privilege and social class.  This year's text was selected by members of the First Year faculty and campus administrators and will be discussed during Orientation and in your Learning Communities.


Below is the link to your summer reading assignment, which is due August 11th.  This assignment will be shared with your faculty in your learning communities and viewed as an official sample of your writing.  Please be sure to check your e-mail periodically for more information regarding the reading and activities that we've planned throughout the summer to help you engage the text.


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Past New Student Summer Readings include: