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On Tuesday, Nov. 12, Wagner College held its 2013 Faculty Awards Dinner. Below, you can flip through a slideshow of the award winners.

In addition to recognizing those faculty members who were granted tenure and/or promotion at the May 2013 meeting of our board of trustees, various faculty merit awards were given.

Merit Awards for Teaching were given to:

  • Celeste Gagnon
  • Patricia Moynagh
  • Nicholas Richardson
  • Peter Sharpe

Merit Awards for Scholarship were given to:

  • Susan Bernardo
  • Alexa Dietrich
  • Laura Morowitz

Adjunct Exceptional Performance Awards were given to:

  • Carolyn Oglio
  • Amy Williams

Diversity Action Council Awards were given to:

  • Zohreh Shahvar
  • Libby Gershansky

Internationalization Faculty Awards were given to:

  • Katica Urbanc
  • Mohammad Alauddin

And, finally, faculty milestones were recognized:

  • 30 years: Zohreh Shahvar
  • 15 years: Samuel "Rusty" Curcio, Zoltan Fulop
  • 10 years: Donald Crooks, Sarah Donovan
  • 5 years: Annemarie Dowling-Castronovo, Celeste Gagnon, Diane Pane, Stephen Preskill, Rita Reynolds
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