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Branding seminar

Have you ever thought about what your personal brand is? Do you know how you plan to sell your experience and skills when you enter the job market? If not, this video and accompanying Power Point slideshow are for you.

Learn a bit more about about Personal Branding from Ethan Chazin, the “Compassionate Coach.” Mr. Chazin has provided business advice to many clients on business planning, business development, marketing, and strategic planning to help them achieve their business goals. He will share with you the best practices to brand yourself as a compelling product so that you can find and land your dream job! This program will teach you to effectively market yourself as a product and to find career success. Learn to define your USP, perfect your sales pitch, and network like an All-Star by leveraging unconventional search strategies based on timeless marketing best practices.

Further information on this and other career-development tools can be found in the Center for Academic and Career Engagement, located in the Union right next to the Hawk’s Nest. You can visit CACE on the Web, email CACE, or phone them at (718) 390-3181.

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