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How to send email bulletins to the campus community

Many elements of the Wagner College community -- academic departments, individual faculty members, administrative offices, and student organizations, to name just a few -- find they need to communicate with some or all of the campus community from time to time about their programs and activities.

You can send these e-mail notices yourself, using the following addresses:

Each address will get your message to a particular segment of the campus community. To send a message to the entire campus, use all three addresses.

After you send your message, you may receive one or more automatic responses telling you that your message has been submitted to the moderator of one of the e-mail lists. This does not mean that your message has not gone through; it simply means that it has gone to the administrator responsible for reviewing such messages before they are actually distributed to faculty, staff or students.

Any questions about the campus e-mail distribution program should be directed to Frank Cafasso in Information Technology, 718-420-4220.

Thank you for helping to manage e-mail communications on the Wagner College campus.

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