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Sept. 31 — — This trade magazine for nurses highlighted Wagner College’s new Doctor of Nursing Practice program in an interview with Paula Tropello, dean of our Evelyn L. Spiro School of Nursing. Read the story here.

October — Staten Island Business Trends — This local monthly business magazine published an extensive feature on Wagner College’s Port Richmond Partnership. Read the story here.

Oct. 12 — Crain’s New York Business — Crain’s quoted Paula Tropello, dean of the Spiro School of Nursing, in a brief story on Ebola preparedness in New York City. Read the story here.

Oct. 22 — Staten Island Advance — Staten Island Advance photojournalist Jan Somma-Hammel posted a video and news story about Wagner College’s all-female a capella group, Vocal Synergy, on the community newspaper's website. Watch the video and read the story here.

Oct. 31 — MSNBC — MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid interviewed Wagner alumna Brooke Guinan ’08, a New York a New York City firefighter, whose digital poster for the Vocal Organization for International Courage and Equality’s “So Gay, So What?” campaign has gone viral. Watch the interview here.

Nov. 4 — Staten Island Advance / New York 1 — On Monday, Nov. 3, news media outlets New York 1 and the Staten Island Advance visited Los Potrillos restaurant in Port Richmond. The story: A Wagner College freshman learning community, LC2, had been studying business and business ethics with local restaurateur Maria Morales. To repay her for the time and wisdom she had shared with them, the Wagner students were painting the interior of Los Potrillos. We posted in our Newsroom the stories produced by NY1 reporter Amanda Farinacci and Staten Island Advance reporter Diane Lore. Watch/read the stories here.

Nov. 4 — Staten Island Advance — The feature section of the Advance, “Alive,” had a whole page of Wagner-related material on Election Day: a photo essay by Jan Somma-Hammel on collegiate fashion that included several of our students, and a tongue-in-cheek “news” story about the congressional write-in candidacy of Wagner Theatre alum Gena Mimozo ’04. See both stories here.

Nov. 6 — Staten Island Advance — Reporter Melinda Gottlieb wrote a story, “Wagner Launches Holocaust Program,” about a new internship program and speaker series organized by Wagner College’s Chai Society and history professor Lori Weintrob focusing on remembrance of the Holocaust. Read the story here.

Nov. 7 — New York 1 — Wagner College hosted an informational forum with the New York City Health Department on Ebola, hoping to dispel fears about transmission of the disease in the neighboring Liberian immigrant community in Park Hill with known facts. Watch New York 1 reporter Stephanie Officer’s story here.

Nov. 20 — WNBC-TV — WNBC News reporter Pat Battle produced a story about the Heart Gallery, a collaboration of professional photographers in New York City taking beautiful shots of foster children to help them find a permanent home. Wagner College photography professor Philip Mauro was one of the participating photographers donating their time for this wonderful project. You’ll find him at the 1:52 mark in this story, posted in our Newsroom.


Oct. 1 — Broadway World — The theatrical news website previewed WCT’s upcoming production of “Hello, Dolly!” Read the story here.

Oct. 5 — Staten Island Advance — Advance entertainment editor Rob Bailey reviewed WCT’s “Hello, Dolly!” Read the story here.

Oct. 7 — Broadway World — Preview of the WCT Stage One production of “The Thugs.” Read the story here.

Nov. 18 — Staten Island Advance — Wagner College Theatre claimed the Number One position in this year’s Readers’ Choice poll for Staten Island’s Best Theater Company, besting the runner up by 40%. Read the story on the Advance website.

Nov. 19 — Staten Island Advance — The Advance 2014 Readers’ Choice poll picked the Wagner College Theatre as the Number One theater company on Staten Island. Read the story here.

Nov. 21 — Staten Island Advance — The Staten Island Advance Weekly Entertainment section gave top billing to its preview story about the Wagner College Theatre production of Stephen Sondheim’s “Merrily We Roll Along.” It was the cover story and centerspread feature. Read the story here.


Aug. 5 — Sentinel & Enterprise — The Fitchburg, Mass. daily newspaper sought out the expertise of Carey Institute Senior Fellow Joshua Spivak, a nationally recognized expert on recall elections, for a story on the drive to recall two local politicians. Read the story here.

Aug. 29 — Medicine Hat News — The Medicine Hat, Alberta daily newspaper asked Joshua Spivak to write an opinion essay on proposals being presented to the provincial legislature to allow for the recall of politicians. “Even with legislation, a wave of recalls is unlikely,” Spivak wrote. Read his op/ed essay here.

Sept. 8 — The Week — A national online newsmagazine published Joshua Spivak’s opinion essay, “The paradox of the 2014 midterms: All politics is national — until it isn’t.” He said that candidates are increasingly judged on issues of national import, but they’re also criticized for being out of touch with their constituents. Read his op/ed essay here.

Oct. 8 — The Week — Joshua Spivak analyzed “the real scandal in the de Blasio aide brouhaha” for The Week. Read his essay here.


Nov. 23 — Staten Island Advance — In the Sunday Advance, sports columnist Cormac Gordon “teased” the announcement, scheduled for the following day, that Walt Hameline would be retiring as Wagner’s head football coach (while continuing to serve as athletic director). Read his column on the Advance website.

Nov. 24 — Staten Island Advance — At 8 a.m. on Monday, the Advance website posted Jim Waggoner’s story, “End of an Era: Walt Hameline Retiring as Wagner Football Coach; Jason Houghtaling Promoted.” Read the story on the Advance website.

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