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Feb. 18 — Staten Island Advance — Advance education writer Diane Lore reported that Wagner College was seeking nominations for its annual educators’ awards program. Read the story here.

Feb. 24 — New York Times — Reporter Matt Chaban wrote about the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission’s decision to pursue landmark status for 30 properties throughout the five boroughs, out of 95 nominations that had been languishing on the commission’s agenda for as much as half a century. (Wagner College’s Cunard Hall was released from the landmarking process, 50 years after its nomination was initially filed with the LPC.) Read the story here.

Feb. 24 — New York 1 — Black World War II veteran and Staten Island community leader William Morris Jr. spoke to a combined set of three history classes at Wagner College about his experiences during the war. The New York 1 story was reported by Jennifer Likonsky. Watch it here.

Feb. 25 — BBC Radio 5 Live — On Feb. 25, 2016, Wagner College business professor Richard LaRocca was interviewed by journalist Rhod Sharp on the program, “Up All Night,” on BBC Radio 5 Live. The subject: some of the complications that might arise out of Britain’s exit from the European Union. Listen to the interview here.

March 5 — Univision — A recent study found that guardrails could transfer bacteria from respiratory and skin infections. Univision Noticias reporter Peggy Carranza interviewed Wagner College biology professor Javier Rivera-Guzman for this story, which aired on the March 5 edition of the Spanish-language national news broadcast. Watch the story here.

March 9 — El Universal (Colombia) — The main daily newspaper in Cartagena, Colombia, published a story about a Wagner College class visit to sites associated with Nobel Prize-winning novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Read the story — in Spanish or English — here.

March 11 — Advance — Maura Grunland reported on a fire that destroyed a home rented by several members of the Seahawk baseball team while the team was on the road during Spring Break. Read the story here.

March 17 — Advance — Anthony DePrimo reported that the New York City Fire Department had deemed the fire that destroyed the home of several Wagner College baseball players “suspicious.” He also reported on a crowd-funding campaign raising money to help the players who’d lost their home. Read the story here.

March 22 — Advance — Nicholas Woodman reported on a tabletop exercise Wagner College conducted with officials from the New York City police and fire departments to evaluate preparedness for an active-shooter scenario. Read the story here.

April 7 — Staten Island Business Trends — The local monthly business publication reported on the upcoming Presidential Economic Symposium lecture at Wagner College being given by Kurt Landgraf ’68 H’08. Read the story here.

April 8 — Huffington Post — In his religion blog, Wagner College government professor and campus rabbi Abraham Unger reflects on “What American Jews Need.” “Nothing less than a restatement of Diaspora Jewish identity is in order for a generation coming of age as global citizens,” he writes. Read his essay here.

April 15 — Scroll (India) — Wagner College government professor Cyril Ghosh blogs about the Indian Supreme Court's contradictory rulings about the rights of transgender citizens. Read his essay here.

April 22 — Chronicle of Higher Education — Kevin Bott’s appointment as the inaugural dean of civic engagement at Wagner College was reported. See the announcement here.

May 1 — Advance — Former Advance associate managing editor Claire Regan ’80, now a special-projects freelancer, wrote this front-page story for the Sunday Advance about Port Richmond High School, highlighting Wagner College’s partnership with the school. Read the story here.

May 3 — New York 1 — Aaron Dickens reported on a program at the John W. Lavelle Prep School on Staten Island conducted by Wagner College’s Holocaust Education and Programming Center. See the story here.

May 5 — NBC News — Reporter Raul Reyes consulted Wagner College modern languages professor Margarita Sanchez for help in understanding the American celebration of Cinco de Mayo. Read his story here. The NBC News story was based, in part, on an earlier story posted in the Wagner College Newsroom, written with the help of Prof. Sanchez.


Feb. 10 — CNBC — In the aftermath of the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, Joshua Spivak, a senior fellow at Wagner College’s Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform, wrote an op-ed essay, “Time to Replace Iowa and New Hampshire.” Read the essay here.

Feb. 12 — MSNBC — Luke Russert interviewed Joshua Spivak about the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary and whether they are helping or hurting the election system. The live interview was part of Russert’s program, “The Briefing,” which airs each Friday morning on MSNBC’s Shift streaming website. Watch the interview here.

Feb. 23 — The Hill — Joshua Spivak took a look at the likelihood Antonin Scalia’s death, and the consequent vacancy on the Supreme Court, would affect swing voters in this year’s national elections. “A significant portion of possible swing voters are what is called ‘low-information’ voters,” he wrote. “They are not paying attention to the major issues in the campaign.” Read his op-ed essay here.

Feb. 29 — CNBC — In this op-ed essay, Joshua Spivak looked at Hillary Clinton’s “ace in the hole” for beating Bernie: the Democratic superdelegates. Read the essay here.

March 15 — Daily Mail (U.K.) — Joshua Spivak reflected on the “Dump Trump” movement being pushed by elements of the Republican establishment in the U.S. Read his op-ed essay here.

March 23 — CNBC — Saying that “the GOP convention is going to be a hot mess,” Joshua Spivak looked at historical comparisons to another chaotic presidential nominating convention: the Democratic Convention of 1924. Read his op-ed essay here.

March 30 — Tech Crunch — Joshua Spivak, a nationally recognized expert on recall elections, wrote this op-ed essay about an Austin, Texas recall and initiative effort in response to Uber and Lyft ride-sharing services. Read the essay here.

April 8 — Crain’s New York Business — Joshua Spivak reflected on the renewed relevance of New York’s presidential primary race to the national election. Read his op-ed essay here.

April 9 — Huffington Post — In the HuffPo Politics blog, Carey Institute director Stephen Greenwald looks at the 2016 presidential race through the prism of entertainment programming in an op-ed essay, “The Real Politicians of America: A New Reality Show.” Read the essay here.


Feb. 19 — Broadway World — The Wagner College Theatre announced winners in its 2016 Stanley Drama Award competition. Read the story here.

March 1 — Broadway World — Report on an original dramatic work being premiered at the Wagner College Theatre’s Stage One studio theater, “New York Lands.” Read the story here.

March 30 — Broadway World — A story about the WCT’s upcoming production of “A Chorus Line,” being directed by Tony Award-winning actor Michele Pawk. Read the story here.

April 15 — Advance — Arts & entertainment editor Rob Bailey reviewed the WCT production of “A Chorus Line” in midrun. Read the review here.

April 18 — N.Y. Theatre Guide — Mariana Howard writes a strong, positive review of the WCT production of “A Chorus Line.” “It is, and always has been, a show about human stories. This truth was honored by the outstanding cast of Wagner College’s production … currently running on their Main Stage,” she wrote. Read the review here.

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