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Feb. 23 — Staten Island Advance — Education columnist Diane Lore wrote, “Noted Author Wes Moore to Speak at Wagner College Commencement.” Read the story here.

Feb. 25 — Advance — Melinda Gottlieb’s story, “Port Richmond High School debuts three new in-school centers,” told about the launching of PRHS as a community school, with various facilities opened to serve the entire community. PRHS is a member of Wagner College’s Port Richmond Partnership, and Wagner College President Richard Guarasci was a part of the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Read the story here.

Feb. 25 — Village Voice — The cover story for this issue of the Village Voice was “New York’s Bravest is Trans FDNY Firefighter Brooke Guinan.” Part of the story was about how this 2008 Wagner College alumna found support among her Grymes Hill peers in negotiating her sexual identity. Read the story here.

Feb. 27 — New York 1 & DNAinfo — Two news stories previewed the 9th annual Youth Empowerment Summit being hosted the following Saturday at Wagner College in partnership with Island Voice Inc. and the New York Police Department. Watch the New York 1 story here, and read the DNAinfo story here.

Feb. 2015 — Men’s Fitness magazine — Wagner College psychology professor Miles Groth, a pioneering male studies scholar, was among those featured in a story, “Are You Man Enough?,” about male body-image issues. Read the story here.

March 12 — New York 1 — Shannan Ferry previewed “Upclose: A Retrospective of Women Artists on Staten Island,” an exhibition in the Horrmann Library’s Spotlight Gallery curated by Elaine Mendez honoring Women’s History Month. Watch the story here.

March 14 — New York 1 —Elizabeth Keatinge reported on Wagner College’s Children’s Science Institute, a 12-week program that introduces kids to real-world science, taught by Marcy Carr. Wagner biology professor Chris Corbo helped explain the importance of science education. Watch the story here.

March 31 — Advance — Wagner College economics professor Mary Rose Leacy was tapped as one expert source for this look at the growing trend toward urgent care clinics in providing health care on Staten Island. Read the story here.

April 8 — Cape Cod Times & Staten Island Advance — Two community newspapers published stories about Alexandria Sethares, the graduating Wagner College senior who won a 2015-16 Fulbright U.S. Student Award to South Korea as an English teaching assistant. Read the Cape Cod Times story here, and the Staten Island Advance story here. (The Cape Cod Times is Sethares’s hometown paper.)


Feb. 13 — The Oregonian — In an op-ed essay, “Recall Looms if Kitzhaber Won’t Resign,” Joshua Spivak applies his expertise as a national authority on recall elections to the challenges facing Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber. Spivak is a senior fellow with Wagner College’s Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform. Read the essay here.

March 1 — Newsweek — Joshua Spivak wrote an op-ed essay for the Newsweek website, “How Scott Walker Got His Head Start,” on an early candidate in the 2016 presidential race. Read the essay here.

March 3 — Times Union — Carey Institute founder and dean emeritus Seymour Lachman was quoted in a story, “ ‘Three Men’ Deaf to Calls for Change,” published in the daily newspaper of New York’s state capital, Albany, about the ongoing dysfunction in the New York State Legislature. Read the story here.

March 4 — KUOW-FM — Prompted by a Republican rebellion against House Speaker John Boehner, University of Washington public radio station KUOW aired a 5-minute interview with Joshua Spivak on historic conflicts between House speakers and their own party caucuses. Download the audio file here.

March 5 — New York Times — While other good-government advocates in New York State were piling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo for not following through on several key reform promises, Seymour Lachman's letter to the editor commended Cuomo for the many reforms he had succeeded in enacting. Read the letter here.

March 19 — The Hill — Joshua Spivak wrote a historical perspective essay on Sen. Rand Paul’s successful effort to have Kentucky make a one-time change in its presidential primary process, switching to a caucus system for 2016 only, so that Paul can circumvent state laws that say a candidate can run for only office in any given election, allowing him to run for re-election to the U.S. Senate in the Kentucky primary while also seeking the GOP presidential nomination. Read the story here.

March 24, The Forward — Joshua Spivak relates a serendipitous account about “The True Story of Harry Houdini’s Tefillin.” Not really in the vein of the Carey Institute’s good-government agenda, but an interesting historical piece nonetheless. Ready the story here.

April 8 — The Hill — Joshua Spivak wrote a historical perspective piece on the historic resurgence of New York’s political power in Washington. Read the essay here.

May 7 — Straits Times — Joshua Spivak was one of the sources quoted in a short piece, “Five Reasons Why so Many Republicans are Running for U.S. President,” published in Singapore’s largest daily newspaper. Read the story here.

May 18 — The Nation — Seymour Lachman was quoted in The Nation’s cover story, “Will Preet Bharara, New York’s Anti-Corruption Crusader, Run for Higher Office?” Read the story here.


March 4 — Advance & New York 1 — Both the Advance and New York 1 reported on a seminar organized by history professor Lori Weintrob marking the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz. Read the Advance story here, and watch the New York 1 story here.

March 6 — Wall Street Journal — For their story, “Austria Says It Will Keep Klimt Work Sought by Former Owner’s Heirs,” two Journal reporters consulted a well-known Gustav Klimt expert, Wagner College art history professor Laura Morowitz, on a major artwork appropriated by the Nazi regime during World War II and currently held by the Austrian government. Read the story here.

April 14 — Advance — Advance Weekly Entertainment section editor Rob Bailey included a preview of the upcoming photographic exhibition in the Horrmann Library’s Spotlight Gallery, “Tragedy and Resilience: Holocaust Survivors of Staten Island.” Read the story here.

April 21 — Advance — A feature story by Kathryn Carse took an extended look at the exhibition of Holocaust-related photographs in the Horrmann Library’s Spotlight Gallery. Read the story here.


Feb. 19 —Advance — The AWE cover story and centerspread featured editor Rob Bailey’s preview of the Wagner College Theatre production of “Monty Python’s Spamalot.” Read the story here.

Feb. 21 — New York 1 — Wagner College combined music and storytelling in an emotional Black History Month performance by Opera Ebony, organized by voice teacher Anthony Turner. View the story here.

March 28 — New York 1 — Alton Fitzgerald White — who plays Mufasa in the Broadway production of “The Lion King” — spent several hours leading a master class for five Wagner College musical theater students, which was observed by a couple dozen members of the campus and surrounding communities. Watch the story here.

April 26 — Advance — AWE editor Rob Bailey featured the Wagner College Theatre’s production of “Cats” with a profile of linebacker and actor Stephon Font-Toomer. Read the story here.


March 9 — — This online nursing magazine’s story, “Nursing Educators Work to Make Sure Students Get the Most Out of Clinicals,” focused on Wagner College’s Evelyn L. Spiro School of Nursing. Read the story here.

March 12 — El Independiente — A story published in the daily newspaper for Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico, reported on a clinical mission to a senior center by students from the Spiro School of Nursing. Read the story (in Spanish) here. For additional context, in English, see our Newsroom story, “Spring Break for Nursing Students: A Medical Mission to Mexico.”

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