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Aug. 6 — Staten Island Advance — At the beginning of the annual “rankings season,” education columnist Diane Lore wrote a story about Wagner College’s high placement in the Princeton Review survey, with first place on the Best College Theaters list and a first-ever appearance on the Best College Newspapers list for the Wagnerian. Read the story here.

Sept. 23 — U.S. News & World Report — Wagner College’s high overall regional ranking and consistently outstanding performance in the area of high-value programs resulted in a feature spot in the lead article for this year’s Best Colleges guide. Read our Newsroom story about this high-profile media appearance, and download the U.S. News story.


June 23 — Lusaka (Zambia) Voice — The national Zambian newspaper featured this column by local leader Zila Milupi about her first week in the Young African Leaders Institute program this summer at Wagner College. Read the column here.

July 8 — New York 1 — Amanda Farinacci reported this story about the visit by Wagner’s YALI fellows to Lifestyles for the Disabled, a nonprofit organization on Staten Island, to see how the NPO operates. Watch the story here.

July 17 — Asbury Park Press — Photographer Mike DeSocio filed a video story about a field service experience taken by our YALI fellows at a Toms River, N.J., nonprofit organization called Ocean of Love, a charitable organization dedicated to helping Ocean County children with cancer and their families. Watch the story here.

July 19 — Asbury Park Press — Two days after Mike DeScocio posted his video story, reporter Francesca Cocchi’s story about the Toms River field experience, “African Students Visit Toms River,” appeared in the print edition of the Asbury Park Press. Read the story here.

July 15 — Wagner College Newsroom — On July 15, our Communications Office staff filed a print and video package in the college’s online Newsroom about the Young African Leaders Initiative program on campus. Visit the Newsroom here. That package was the basis for several customized stories emphasizing various YALI participants from the 19 participating countries. Those customized releases found their way into the public media by various means:

  • July 18 — Two U.S. embassies posted on their websites our stories about YALI participants from the countries they serve: the U.S. Embassy in Liberia, and the embassy in South Africa.
  • July 23 — Staten Island Advance — Education columnist Diane Lore adapted our Newsroom package for publication in the local media market on Staten Island. Read her adaptation.
  • July 28 — Our happiest media surprise came on Monday, July 28 at the YALI Town Hall gathering in Washington, D.C., when President Barack Obama lifted a quote taken from one of our personalized press releases to summarize the impact of the YALI program on participants. Watch video of President Obama’s remark here.

July 26 — New York 1 — Reporter Jessica Orbon reported on the “graduation” ceremony Wagner College held for its 25 YALI participants. Watch the story here.


May 23 — Staten Island Advance — Staff reporter Kiawana Rich wrote a news story about this year’s nursing school pinning ceremony, “Newly Pinned Nursing Students Include Wagner Defensive Tackle.” Read the story here, at the bottom of the page.

May 24 — Staten Island Advance — Staff photographer Jan Somma-Hammel wrote and photographed this story about Commencement 2014 and Julian Bond’s address, “Civil Rights Activist Inspires Wagner Graduates.” Read the story here.


May 11 & 12 — New York 1 — Abraham Unger, Ph.D., assistant professor of government and politics and director of urban programs at Wagner College, provided expert insight into the changing demographics of Staten Island for a series produced by New York 1 reporter Amanda Farinacci. Watch both stories here.

July 22 — Wall Street Journal — Wagner urban studies professor Abraham Unger was called upon for perspective in a story on the killing of Eric Garner, “Tensions High Before Staten Island Death in Chokehold.” Read the story here.


May 14 — City & State — Joshua Spivak, senior research fellow for Wagner College’s Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform, wrote an opinion essay for the New York government magazine, City & State, titled “The Solution to New York’s Useless Lieutenant Governor Position.” Read the essay here.

June 10 — Reuters’ ‘Great Debate’ blog — Joshua Spivak wrote a commentary on “Election Laws That Prevent Elections.” Read the essay here.


May 21 — Staten Island Advance — Obituary for retired music professor Margery Mayer Steen. Read the story here.

Sept. 21 — Staten Island Advance — The Advance ran an obituary for the late Janice Buddensick, former business administration professor at Wagner. Read the obituary here.


June 7 — Staten Island Advance — Education columnist Diane Lore wrote about our annual awards program for local teachers and principals, “Wagner College Honors 8 Top Educators.” Read the story here.

June 13 — Staten Island Advance — Diane Lore wrote a news story about our new Doctor of Nursing Practice program, “Wagner College Adds Doctorate In Nursing.” Read the story here.

June 17 — Staten Island Advance — Social columnist Carol Ann Benanti featured a photo of our own Wagner College Guild in her “Inside Out” column. See the column here.

June 24 — Nerd Scholar — This website featured Wagner College in its blog on favorite pre-college programs. We were highlighted as their “most community-oriented.” See a screen capture of the blog here.

Aug. 22 — Staten Island Advance — Diane Lore, herself the parent of an incoming Seahawk freshman, wrote a story about Move-In Day for the Class of 2018. Read the story here.

Aug. 31 — Staten Island Advance — Diane Lore wrote a story about a new public sculpture, “Storybooks” by George Wayne Lundeen, that had been installed on the Sutter Oval in front of the Horrmann Library. The almost life-sized sculpture depicting a woman and two children reading books was the gift of the Spiro family. Read the story here.

Sept. 1 — Staten Island Advance — A guest writer’s story, “Wagner Planetarium Director Dennis Anderson Ponders UFOs and the Enigma of the ‘Arthur Kill Lights’,” highlighted a passion of one of our faculty members. Read the story here.

Sept. 11 — Staten Island Advance — A news story highlighted the upcoming Wagner College DaVinci Society scholarship and awards dinner. Read the story here.

Sept. 19 — Staten Island Advance — A follow-up story by reporter Melinda Gottlieb reported on the annual DaVinci dinner. Read the story here.

Sept. 20 — New York 1 — On Saturday, Sept. 20, New York 1 aired a story about the upcoming Wagner College Theatre Main Stage production of “Hello Dolly,” directed and choreographed by Norbert Joerder. Watch the story here.

Sept. 20 — CBS Sports — CBS Sports aired a story about a most unusual event in the annals of collegiate athletics: the wedding of the daughter of a Division I head football coach on a Saturday in the middle of football season. Wagner College Coach Walt Hameline was able to swap schedules with friendly rival Monmouth University to open up the one day this fall when the facility his daughter Kelly wanted to be married in was available. Watch the story here.

Sept. 23 — Huffington Post — Government professor and campus rabbi Abe Unger wrote another installment on his Huff Post Religion blog, “How the Jewish New Year Can Change our World.” Read the blog here.

Sept. 23 — New York 1 — When Wagner College Democrats, a student club, organized a campaign event on campus for their congressional candidate, New York 1 political reporter Courtney Gross used the footage in a broader story about the campaign. Watch the story here.

Sept. 24 — Staten Island Advance — Political editor Tom Wrobleski and colleagues likewise reported about the Democratic candidate’s visit to the Wagner College campus within the larger context of the congressional campaign. Read their stories here.

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