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Dec. 7 — Staten Island Advance — Claire Regan reports on a “Battle of the Chefs” organized by Wagner College Dining Services, featuring celebrity chef Jet Tila. The winners: Port Richmond High School’s famous culinary program. Read the story here.

Dec. 9 — New York 1 — The local cable TV news channel reported on how “Wagner College Students Learn History Through Theatre” in a programming bringing Holocaust survivors’ accounts to life. Watch the story here. The story was also covered in several Jewish community news publications:

  • Dec. 14, Jewish Voice, a Brooklyn-based weekly Jewish newspaper
  • Dec. 14, JP Updates, a Brooklyn-based Jewish community news website
  • Dec. 16, Jewish Star, a Long Island Jewish paper

Dec. 28 — PBS Newshour — In a PBS Newshour segment, Wagner alumna and commencement speaker Dr. Nadia Lopez ’98 H’08 explained to world-renowned journalist Charlayne Hunter-Gault how the public school she founded — Mott Hall Bridges Academy in Brownsville, Brooklyn — serves as “a bridge to empowerment for children of color” within the most segregated public school system in the nation. Watch the story here.

Jan. 15 & 16 — New York 1 — The cable news channel ran two stories on repairs to a water main break on the campus of Wagner College, the weekend before classes resumed for the Spring 2017 semester. Watch story #1. Watch story #2.

Feb. 8 — Advance — A group of 33 Wagner College faculty members took out a paid ad to publish an “Open Letter to Rep. Dan Donovan” about various policies being pursued by the new Trump Administration. The letter clearly stated that it did not necessarily represent the views of Wagner College, but of the authors. Read the letter here. Following the publication of this letter:

  • Education writer Diane Lore wrote a Feb. 9 news story about the letter, “Profs spank Trump, Donovan.” Read the story here.
  • On Feb. 14, guest editorial columnist Daniel Leddy took exception to the positions expressed in the Wagner professors’ letter. Read the response here.

Feb. 20 — Hyperallergic — The arts website,, published Peter Malone’s story about Wagner College art professor and practitioner Bill Murphy, “The Artist Documenting the Rise of New York’s Giant Ferris Wheel.” “Bill Murphy has for decades been the unofficial recorder of Staten Island’s changing landscape,” Malone wrote, “a role for which his talents and vision are uniquely suited.” Read the profile here.

March 11 — Advance — Diane Lore wrote about Wagner College’s 2017 commencement speaker, Rich Negrin, and commencement honoree Warren Procci. Read the story here.

March 12 — Advance — Claire Regan wrote about Wagner College’s longstanding Early Childhood Center in “A ‘Magical’ Place for Pre-schoolers.” Read the story here.

March 16 — Mi UGR — The news website of the University of Granada, Spain, reported on the visit by the Wagner College Choir. In Spanish. Read the story here.

March 29 — Advance — Wagner’s Health & Wellness Center so-sponsored a community forum on preventing drug abuse. Read the story here.

March 30 — Advance — Carol Ann Benanti profiled Wagner College music student Charlie Poveromo, who performs under the stage Charlie Romo. Read the story here.

April 2 — Advance — Pat Tooker, dean of the Evelyn L. Spiro School of Nursing at Wagner College, was one of the participants in a conference on the grieving process. Read the story here.


Nov. 29 — CNN — In this op-ed essay for CNN, Carey Institute Senior Fellow Joshua Spivak says that, in its views concerning House leadership, Democrats are more conservative than Republicans. Read the essay here.

Dec. 13 — CNBC — Joshua Spivak says, “Stop dreaming, the Electoral College is here to stay.” Read his op-ed essay here.

Jan. 27 — USA Today — In an op-ed essay, Joshua Spivak said, “Obama, Clintons must make room for new leaders.” Read the essay here.

Feb. 1 — CNBC — In this op-ed, Joshua Spivak makes a counterintuitive recommendation that Democrats deliberately force the Senate to eliminate the filibuster, calling it “a deterrent to good government.” Read the essay here.

Feb. 1 — Press Republican — In a news story in the Plattsburgh, N.Y. daily newspaper about the political divide between upstate and downstate in New York, Carey Institute founding director Seymour Lachman was cited as a source. Read the story here.

Feb. 7 — CNN — In this op-ed look at how rival advisers were jockeying for power in the new Trump Administration, Joshua Spivak advised, “Don’t overlook Trump’s permanent partner” — the vice president. Read the essay here.

Feb. 17 — CNBC — Joshua Spivak took a look at “Why Hillary Clinton May Not Have a Shot at Being President in 2020.” Read the essay here.

March 8 — Our Town — Leida Snow wrote about the new book by Seymour Lachman, “Failed State: Dysfunction and Corruption in an American Statehouse,” for a weekly newspaper serving Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Read the story here, and also find links to three more news pieces on “Failed State”:

  • March 23, WCNY (Syracuse NPR affiliate), Susan Arbetter interviews Seymour Lachman about “Failed State”
  • March 26, New York Times, “New York’s Overstuffed Constitution,” Sam Roberts writing about two new books recommending a New York state constitutional convention, including Seymour Lachman’s “Failed State”
  • March 28, The Brooklyn Paper, Moses Jefferson writes a decidedly partisan news story about Lachman’s new book. The title? “Why New York Needs to Rip Up its Constitution!”
  • March 30, City & State, interview with author Seymour Lachman on the “Failed State”

March 16 — The Chief — “Transformed Political Climate,” a story in the newspaper for civil service and local government in New York City on the firing of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, featured remarks by Seymour Lachman. Read the story here.


Dec. 21 — Advance — Sports columnist Cormac Gordon writes about a basketball game between Wagner College and the College of Staten Island designed to highlight a news program, 30 Thousand Degrees, whose goal is to increase the number of college diplomas earned by Staten Islanders. The program is co-sponsored by Wagner, CSI and the Staten Island campus of St. John’s University. Read the story here.

April 5 — S.I. CTV — Staten Island Advance youth reporter Charista Santos Mroczek interviewed the leaders of the three colleges on Staten Island about their joint project, 30 Thousand Degrees, which connects the colleges with public high schools and middle schools to help Staten Island students get ready for college. The program was carried on the Staten Island Community Television public-access channel. Watch the show on our YouTube channel.

  • Also read the news story by Charista Mroczek about 30,000 Degrees, published in the April 23 issue of the Advance.


Jan. 13 — Chronicle of Higher Education — In “How Colleges Can Teach Students to Be Good Citizens,” Wagner College President Richard Guarasci is one of the sources. Read the story here.

March 16 — Advance — The heads of Wagner College and St. John’s–Staten Island, Richard Guarasci and James O’Keefe, wrote a joint op-ed essay on New York state’s “free tuition” proposal for state-run colleges, recommending instead that it be expanded to support students in private colleges and focused on students with the greatest need. Read the essay here.

  • Also listen to the April 10 story on the national public radio program, “Marketplace,” where President Guarasci expressed concern about the SUNY and CUNY systems’ ability to accommodate a mass influx of new students brought by the “free tuition” program.

March 17 — Education Dive — An education news website reported on the presentation made at the South-by-Southwest Edu conference (on March 7) by Wagner College President Richard Guarasci and several colleagues about partnerships between colleges and their communities. Read the story here.

March 28 — New York 1 — NY1’s Nicole Ashley reported on a press conference held by New York state assemblywoman and Wagner College alumna Nicole Malliotakis (R-SI/BK) at the college to join with Wagner President Richard Guarasci and St. John’s University in pushing for an expansion of N.Y.’s existing Tuition Assistance Program, rather than the creation of a new “free tuition” program applying only to those attending state-run colleges. Watch the story here.


Jan. 12 — N.J. Jewish Standard — Joanne Palmer profiles “Bayonne’s Rabbi With a Plan,” Abraham Unger, who is also a government & politics professor at Wagner College. Read the story here.

Feb. 21 — WalletHub — Wagner College government professor Abe Unger was one of the experts consulted by WalletHub for a story on “2017’s Best State Capitals to Live In.” Read the story here.

March 2 — N.J. Jewish Standard — Abe Unger was one of the experts consulted for this very extensive look at the rejuvenation of three Hudson County, N.J. cities and their Jewish communities. Read the story here.

April 20 — N.J. Jewish Standard — Wagner campus rabbi and government professor Abe Unger was one of two primary sources for a news story, “Going Outside the Box to Reinvigorate Hebrew School.” Read the story here.


Feb. 2 — Broadway World — The 2017 Stanley Drama Award winners were announced. The Stanley Award has been given by Wagner College since 1957, when it was the drama award for the college-sponsored New York City Writers’ Conference. Read the story here.

March 1 — Advance — Society columnist Carol Ann Benanti featured the latest Wagner College Theatre Main Stage production, “Titanic,” in her column. Read the story here.

March 29 — Broadway World — The Wagner College Theatre Advisory Board staged a revue, “A Celebration of the Women of Broadway,” to benefit two theater-oriented charities that fight AIDS. Read the story here.

April 18 — Advance — A short news story previewed the “Shakespeare Sonnet-Thon” organized by the Wagner College Theatre to celebrate the bard’s birthday. Read the story here.

April 21 — silive — The Staten Island Advance website ran a preview of the Wagner College Theatre production of “La Cage aux Folles.” Read the story here.

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