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Media Update, Oct. 10 through Nov. 21, 2016


Oct. 24, 25 & 26 — Advance — Advance writer Kristin Dalton produced a three-part series on sexual assault reporting and response policies on college campuses on Staten Island. The first story, headlined “8 Reported Rapes at Wagner College: Police Not Notified. Here’s Why,” implied that Wagner College had deliberately concealed from the police rape allegations reported to the college over the past 2 years (which were actually reported online in our Public Safety Campus Security Report, as required by law, under the “Clery Statistics” tab). The reporter also assumed that all colleges should report all sexual assault allegations to the police — something that sexual assault victim advocates say should not be required, because victims should have the right to report or not report their assaults to law enforcement authorities. The Advance reinforced the story’s assumption with an Oct. 27 editorial, “College Sexual Violence Must be Dealt With by Police.” Read the series here, and the editorial — and read the memo we sent to the campus community in response to the first story here.

Oct. 27 — Advance — Advance arts writer Victoria Priola previewed the annual open studio event hosted by Wagner College art professor Bill Murphy. Read the story here.

Nov. 9 — Bloomberg — Stephen Miller, obituary writer for Bloomberg News, wrote about the passing of Wagner College alumnus and benefactor Mike Nicolais. Read the story here.

Nov. 11 — Advance — In a Veterans Day piece, Wagner College journalism professor and alumna Claire Regan wrote a historical view of the college’s Veterans Village postwar housing community. Read the story here.

Nov. 17 — New York Times — Reporter Penelope Green wrote about how an array of New Yorkers were coping with their post-election trauma. One of the people she included was Wagner College student Cody Tarantini. “She wore a cardboard sign around her neck that read, ‘If you need a hug, just ask,’ ” Green wrote. Read the story here.


Oct. 25 — The Hill — In this prescient op-ed essay, published two weeks before Election Day, Joshua Spivak wrote about the possibility of a Trump Electoral College victory despite a loss in the popular vote. Spivak is a senior fellow with Wagner College’s Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform. Read the essay here.

Oct. 28 — CNBC — In another prophetic pre-election op-ed, Joshua Spivak wrote about “How Trump’s Risky Spending Plan Might Pay Off.” Read the essay here.

Nov. 15 — Los Angeles Times — In his op-ed for the L.A. Times, Joshua Spivak writes that, because Donald Trump’s campaign had “not focused on nitty-gritty policy details,” Congress might be expected to take a bigger role in forming new policy for the nation. Read the essay here.

Nov. 16 — CNBC — In this historical essay, Joshua Spivak says that past experience might give today’s GOP reason for concern about the 2018 midterm elections. Read the essay here.


Oct. 10 — NY1 Noticias — On Oct. 10, NY1 Noticias reporter Jaime Zea reported on the Mexican community in the Staten Island community of Port Richmond. Included in the story were Wagner College modern languages professor Margarita Sanchez and Gonzalo Mercado, executive director of Port Richmond’s La Colmena worker’s center and longtime collaborator in the college’s Port Richmond Partnership. Watch the story here.

Oct. 29 — NY1 Noticias — For the third year in a row, Wagner College hosted a reunion between American immigrants from Puebla, Mexico living in Port Richmond, Staten Island with members of their families from back home. Some of these families had not seen one another for 20 years. The reunion was organized by the Transnational Project, an organization loosely affiliated with Wagner College’s Port Richmond Partnership. Jonathan Inoa reported the story for NY1 Noticias. Watch the story here.

Nov. 21 — Advance — Education reporter Diane Lore wrote about a new college readiness program being started at a Staten Island middle school in collaboration with Port Richmond High School and Wagner College. Read the story here.


Oct. 18 — Staten Island Advance — Columnist Carol Ann Benanti previewed a film screening co-sponsored by Wagner College’s Holocaust Education & Programming Center. The documentary film told the story of Italians who rescued and protected Jews from the Fascist and Nazi regimes during World War II. Read the story here.


Nov. 10 — Broadway World — The online theater news publication previewed the Wagner College Theatre’s production of “Anything Goes.” Read the story here.

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