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Sept. 12 — Daily Trust (Nigeria) — Rukayya Nasir Sani wrote a first-person essay for Abuja’s leading daily newspaper about her experience as a Mandela Washington Fellow at Wagner College this summer. Read the essay here.

Sept. 16 — Staten Island Advance — Editor Claire Regan wrote a short preview of the upcoming scholarship and awards dinner held each year by Wagner College’s DaVinci Society. Read the story here.

Sept. 16 — Advance — Annalise Knudson wrote a story about the New York Women’s Foundation’s annual Neighborhood Dinner, hosted this year by Wagner College. Read the story here.

Sept. 18 — Advance — Carol Ann Benanti wrote a story about the DaVinci Society dinner. Read the story here.

Sept. 26 — Forbes — Kristina Killgrove wrote about how Wagner College anthropology professor Celeste Gagnon brews traditional Peruvian chicha corn beer in a laboratory with her research students to help in studies of how an individual’s diet, as evidenced in her skeletal remains, could help tell a story about life in ancient societies. Read the story here.

Oct. 4 — Al-Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) — The state-run daily newspaper in Riyadh published a story about how Wagner College students celebrate Eid el-Adha. Read the story here.

Oct. 15 — Huffington Post — Sandra Kwesi Cameron wrote a review on her Huff Po Arts & Culture blog of a photo exhibition in Wagner College’s Spotlight Gallery: Fern Metcalf’s “Cuba and Its Magic.” Read the review here.

Nov. 2 — Advance — Tracey Porpora wrote about how several civic and cultural institutions on Staten Island — Wagner College among them — had testified before New York City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission in opposition to imposing landmark status on some of their oldest buildings. The LPC is considering the resolution of a 1966 landmark nomination for Cunard Hall that was left unresolved by the commission after a 1976 public hearing. Read the story here.

Nov. 4 — Advance — Diane Lore previewed a Kristallnacht observance by Wagner College’s Holocaust Education & Programming Center. Read the story here.

Nov. 15 — Sunday Times (U.K.) — Martin Daubney wrote about a new wrinkle in the “male rights” movement that’s best known by its acronym, MGTOW — Men Going Their Own Way. One of the experts quoted in the story was Wagner College psychology professor Miles Groth, a pioneer in the field of male studies. Read the story here.

Nov. 19 — Advance — Ryan Lavis wrote a news story about a community forum at Wagner College on heroin abuse on Staten Island, co-sponsored by the Staten Island Advance. The event was also covered by the national Fox News morning program, “Fox & Friends,” for later broadcast. Read the story here.

Nov. 27 — Advance — Kathryn Carse wrote about Wagner College art professor Bill Murphy’s newest project: graphically documenting the progress of construction on the New York Wheel, being built on the St. George, Staten Island waterfront. Read the story here.

Nov. 30 — Quad City Times — The Davenport, Iowa daily paper published an op-ed essay by Wagner College art history professor Laura Morowitz, “Turning Away Refugees is Inhumane.” The essay was first published by the online op-ed distributor Inside Sources on Nov. 27. Read the essay here.


Oct. 2 — New York Times — In his “Common Sense” column, New York Times business writer James B. Stewart ranked Wagner College #6 on a list he created of the highest “value added” colleges in the nation. Read the column — and watch a related CNBC interview — here.

Oct. 21 — New York Post — Erika Prafder wrote a story about the Princeton Review’s new book, “Colleges That Create Futures: 50 Schools That Launch Careers by Going Beyond the Classroom,” in which Wagner College was prominently featured. She interviewed modern languages professor Margarita Sanchez for the story. Read both versions of the story here — from the print edition, and the significantly longer online edition.


Oct. 13 — KFAB-AM — Wagner College President Richard Guarasci was interviewed on KFAB, a news radio station in Omaha, Nebraska, in connection with the annual conference of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities, of which he is also president. The CUMU conference was being hosted by the University of Nebraska, Omaha. Also interviewed was UNO Chancellor John Christiansen. Listen to the interview here.

Oct. 21 — Inside Higher Ed — Kellie Woodhouse wrote about how, according to President Guarasci, Wagner College made a decision in the challenging times after the 2008 financial meltdown to “protect quality rather than chase volume” by either reducing admissions standards or raising the discount rate. Read the story here.

Nov. 11 — Courier-Post — In an op-ed, President Guarasci wrote, “Racism isn’t an issue confined to college campuses, but as the events of the past week at the University of Missouri have shown, the college environment can be a microcosm that highlights challenges our entire society is experiencing.” The essay was also published in Newsday. Read the essay here.


Sept. 21 — Huffington Post — In his Huff Po Religion Blog essay, Wagner College government professor and campus rabbi Abe Unger writes that Wagner College’s Port Richmond Partnership is an exemplar of how modern American colleges should engage with “the global village” in their own back yards. Read the essay here.

Nov. 10 — Advance — Diane Lore wrote about an event at Wagner College celebrating 30,000 Degrees, a 10-year initiative designed to boost the number of 4-year college degrees held by Staten Islanders. Wagner College is one of the partners spearheading the initiative. Read the story here.

Nov. 13 — New York 1 & NY1 Noticias — Stories aired in English and Spanish about the collaboration between Wagner College and Port Richmond’s P.S. 20 in a public art installation by artist Lina Montoya called “Las Mariposas Amarillas (The Yellow Butterflies).” Watch both versions here.

Nov. 17 — Advance — Lauren Steussy profiled artist Lina Montoya after the Nov. 13 installation of “Las Mariposas Amarillas” on the Wagner College campus. Read the profile here.


Sept. 28 — Newsweek — Joshua Spivak, senior fellow at Wagner College’s Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform, published an opinion essay, “You’re Fired! Boehner Succumbs to the Republican Way of Leadership.” Read the essay here.

Oct. 12 — Reuters — “Under the U.S. Constitution, the House of Representatives was originally designed to be the unruly chamber of Congress,” Spivak wrote in his op-ed essay about the succession struggles on Capitol Hill. “Last week, Americans got to see some of what the founders expected.” Read the essay here.

Oct. 14 — Time — Joshua Spivak wrote on op-ed essay about a “ridiculous” loophole in the Constitution’s description of who can become Speaker of the House. Read the essay here.

Oct. 20 — The Hill — In this essay, written after a strong debate performance by Hillary Clinton but preceding Joe Biden’s announcement that he would not run for president, Joshua Spivak looks at the history of presidential runs by vice presidents and former veeps. Read the essay here.

Nov. 2 — Education Week — A news story about a school board recall election in Jefferson County, Colo., drew upon Joshua Spivak as an expert source. Spivak is one of the country’s leading experts on recall elections. Read the story here.

Nov. 4 — The Gazette (AP) — A news story reported that several members of the Jefferson County, Colo. school board had been ousted in a recall election. Joshua Spivak was tapped as an expert for the story. Read the story here.


Oct. 1 — Advance — Entertainment editor Rob Bailey wrote a preview cover and centerspread story about the upcoming Wagner College Theatre production of “Damn Yankees!” Read the story here.

Oct. 5 — Broadway World — A story previewed Wagner College Theatre’s upcoming Stage One production of the Obie-winning play, “Dutchman,” by LeRoi Jones, and the musical short, “21 Chump Street,” by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Read the story here.

Oct. 8 — Advance — Nicole DeRosa wrote a preview of “21 Chump Street” and “Dutchman.” Read her story here.

Nov. 2 — Broadway World — A preview of Wagner College Theatre’s Advisory Board benefit show, “Wagner Sings Rock & Roll,” for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Read the story here.

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