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Parchment logoWagner College ranked very high on the list of colleges chosen by students who were admitted to more than one school, according to the recently released Parchment Student Choice College Rankings 2015.

Wagner College ranked #6 on the list of 261 schools granting master’s degrees, and #91 on the overall list of 726 colleges and universities nationwide.

Neil Irwin, an economics reporter for the New York Times, described the rankings in his Sept. 4 story:

“Parchment, a company that processes transcripts for high school students applying to college, analyzed data from the approximately 28,000 applicants who used the service to apply for college this past academic year. Using the choices that these students made when they were admitted to more than one institution — what economists call ‘revealed preference’ — it created a ranking system of where American high schoolers choose when they have a choice.”

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