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Wagner College Forum forEarlier this month, the 29th issue of the Wagner College Forum for Undergraduate Research was published. It features 15 abstracts for papers presented at the 2016 Eastern Colleges Science Conference, and six full-length papers.

The Wagner College Forum for Undergraduate Research has been published twice a year — once each semester — since the Fall 2002 issue.

The journal has been edited for its entire 14-year history by Gregory J. Falabella, an associate professor of physics and astronomy.

“The Wagner Forum for Undergraduate Research was formed to fill a void,” Falabella wrote in the inaugural issue, published in October 2002. “It was felt by the editors that it is important to have an arena where students can publish their research and have a wider audience that can see what types of areas of academic intellect and expertise are being explored at Wagner College. The journal is devoted to publishing empirical and theoretical papers by undergraduate students in all disciplines.”

The Fall 2016 issue, hot off the presses, continues to fulfill that purpose.

Abstracts were written by Joseph Agro, Lauren Alessandro, Emily Bovasso, Kathleen Calves, James Catalano, Rabije Cekovic, Tyler Cropley, Michelle Detka, Brandon Hart, Kelsey Hopland, Yasmine Khaled, Marguerite Langwig, Kaitlin Murtha, Phillip Necaise, Jacob Orvidas, Amanda Pavia, Gent Prelvukaj and Amanda Weinberg.

Full-length papers were written by Michelle Detka, Alexandra Dmytrow, Kadijah Singleton, Christine Shouldis, Erynn Tuerk, Kristen Whitaker.

Copies of the new issue of the Wagner College Forum for Undergraduate Research are available online:

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