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Earlier this month, the 30th issue of the Wagner College Forum for Undergraduate Research was published.

It features essays by twelve students, including: Bridgett Bonar (Farmington, N.H.), “ ‘I Think the World’s Asleep’: Fairytale Expectations in ‘King Lear’ ”; Monica Cipriani (Annadale, Staten Island), “The Effect of Listeria monocytogenes on Amyloid Plaque Buildup and Neurofibrillary Tangle Formation in the Brains of Adult Zebrafish (Danio rerio)”; Kimberly Landstrom (Spotswood, N.J.), “LGBT Museums and Redefining Alice Austen”; Madison LaSorda (Gwynedd, Pa.), “Mina and Her Men: Examining Gender in Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ ”’ Leslie Lopez (Old Bridge, N.J.), “Access Rewired: Telecommunication Liberalization in Developing Nations”; Julia Loria (Forest, Belgium), “The Financial and Social Impact of Organizational Cultural Awareness for Cosmetic Brands in France and the United States”; Hadeel Mishal (Shore Acres, Staten Island), “Seneca Village: A Forgotten History”; Michael Pardo (Castleton Corners, Staten Island), “Politics in the Global Era”; Natalie Persia (Newfield, N.J.), “Is She or Isn’t She? An Analysis of Images of Virginity in Film”; Madison Ruff (Greenwich, Conn.), “Antithetical Attestation: Layers of Gray in ‘Hamlet’ ”; Winona Scheff (Vernon Rockville, Conn.), “Breaking the Way America Walks: The Unlikely Duo of Aerosmith and Run-DMC and Its Implications on Society and the Music Industry”; Noah Wolthausen (Glastonbury, Conn.), “Oral Microbiome Diversity: The Future of Preventative Health Care, an Anthropological Perspective.”

The journal has been edited for its entire 15-year history by Gregory J. Falabella, an associate professor of physics and astronomy.

“The Wagner Forum for Undergraduate Research was formed to fill a void,” Falabella wrote in the inaugural issue, published in October 2002. “It was felt by the editors that it is important to have an arena where students can publish their research and have a wider audience that can see what types of areas of academic intellect and expertise are being explored at Wagner College. The journal is devoted to publishing empirical and theoretical papers by undergraduate students in all disciplines.”

The Spring 2017 issue, hot off the presses, continues to fulfill that purpose. Its 10 critical essays were written by students in a wide variety of academic disciplines ranging from biology, psychology and literature to history, film studies, government, art history, philosophy and nursing.

Copies of the new issue of the Wagner College Forum for Undergraduate Research are available online:

  • Read or download a complete PDF of the new issue, free, at
  • Order hard copies, at cost (plus shipping), at
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