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Shauna Sorensen exhibition in Spotlight Gallery ends this Sunday

    A new exhibition of work by Wagner College art student Shauna Sorensen is on display in the Horrmann Library’s Spotlight Gallery through Sunday, Nov. 22.
    Art Prof. Jennifer Toth calls the show “positively wonderful.”
    Sorensen was awarded the 2009 Richard Gaffney Memorial Grant, which is given each year to support student art work.
    “I’m a senior art major and I like to focus on oil painting,” Sorensen says. “I received the Gaffney Award Grant last semester, which allowed me to do the show.
    “The show’s called ‘What the @#%$ Happened?!’ I was just really trying to explore more serious themes using humor. It's a series of oil paintings, and I also experimented with installation display and rhinestones, which I started using last semester for the junior art show.”
    The exhibition consists of two major displays. On one wall of the small gallery, three of the artist’s large, whimsical yet vaguely disturbing oil paintings face the viewer. On the opposite wall, 11 smaller, segmental ink drawings make up Sorensen’s “Wall o’ Reality.”

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