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Irene update: ‘All Clear’ Sunday, 1 pm

Text of email update, sent Sunday, 1 p.m.:  We are very pleased to report that Wagner College students have returned to their residence halls and that the Hurricane Irene evacuation is over.

College staff met several times this morning in the gym to assess weather reports and evaluations of campus conditions. By that time, Irene appeared to have left Staten Island behind, with no residual effects but somewhat elevated winds. A check of all campus buildings found that, with the exception of Foundation Hall, all other buildings had power, and nothing more than isolated cases of water on the floor was to be found in any of the residence halls. Serious damage to the grounds was limited to four downed trees.

At 10:30, President Richard Guarasci met with the 372 evacuated students in the Spiro Sports Center gym and told them that, thanks to the diligence of our dining services staff, a hot brunch was awaiting them in the Wagner Union dining hall and that the group would leave the gym for the Union at 11 a.m. If the weather maintained as we expected it to do, students would be released to return to their residence halls at noon.

And that is what has happened, thus ending the Greatest Slumber Party in History.

President Guarasci, Provost Lily McNair and the entire staff extend their thanks to the evacuated students for being such active, willing participants in what could have been a very unpleasant inconvenience. It was a pleasure to provide them with security and support throughout the episode.

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