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Irene update: Sunday evening, 7 pm

Text of final status update on Hurricane Irene, sent Sunday evening, 7 p.m.: Here are a few points we want to clarify as the remnants of Irene are cleaned up, the remaining resident students move in, and we prepare for the beginning of classes on Tuesday:
Resident check-in tomorrow. Check-in of returning resident students will resume on Monday, which will give our Residential Education staff just a little longer to get things in order before the arrival of more students.
Freshman orientation schedule suspended. Further orientation activities are cancelled for the time being. Campus Life staff will look at the possibility of rescheduling certain activities in September, after classes have started, and will share that schedule with the Class of 2015. Traditional “Week of Welcome” activities will begin on Tuesday.
Classes start Tuesday. There will be no class on Monday. We are going to continue with our plan to have Tuesday as the new first day of classes (on a Tuesday schedule). If you encounter travel difficulties, we encourage you to email your professors.
Offices open Monday. We plan to operate all offices on a normal schedule.
CARS up later Monday. Faculty and staff should be aware that, while CARS was down at the time this update was sent, IT will be making repairs and getting CARS back in operation later on Monday. (As of 9:15 Monday morning, CARS was back up and running.)
As always, your safety is our first concern, please be in communication with the appropriate people if you are encountering travel difficulties.

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