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Donnie Crooks wins 2010 Faculty Service Award

    Presented by Provost Devorah Lieberman:
    As the professor who nominated Donnie Crooks writes, “Professor Crooks has transformed the MBA programs. He has enhanced the academic experience for all business students and has personally financed the Investment Club. His dedication to the Business Department and the college is unparalleled.”
    How has one professor earned such high accolades? They are for what Prof. Crooks has achieved, not what he says he would or could do. Truly, they are for his accomplishments and achievements in the areas of service to the department and to the institution at large.
    The accomplishments include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The creation of New York State’s first Accelerated Master’s in Business Administration program.
  • Educational expeditions to countries in Europe that are “in the news.”
  • Introduction of CAPSIM, an extremely challenging business simulation.
  • He recruited and maintained enrollment in the Department of Business Administration’s graduate courses in spite of the fact that many businesses stopped subsidizing their employees’ tuition.
  • He instituted the Business Advisory Council, comprised of alumni and business leaders, which grows stronger every year.
  • He oversees the college’s largest internship program.
  • He personally mentors and advises every single MBA student.
  • He successfully led the efforts for reaccreditation with two accrediting bodies: ACBSP and IACBE.
  • He completed the renovation and reorganization of the assessment protocol in both the undergraduate and graduate divisions.
  • He has organized, attended and facilitated all MBA Open House events.

    His commitment to the ongoing success of the department is significant. Note as well that Donnie Crooks is this year’s secretary to the faculty. He never says, “I’m too busy,” or “I’m not interested in helping.” His support for the Department of Business Administration, the institution at large, and students across the campus should be applauded. Please join me in doing so.

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