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Media update, Jan. 27 thru April 30, 2012

Port Richmond partnership highlighted in workers’ profiles
A series of 6 profiles of immigrant Latino workers who live in Port Richmond, Staten Island, was published in a three-part series in the Staten Island Advance that began on Sunday, April 22. The profiles were written by Wagner College students enrolled in an honors seminar taught by President Richard Guarasci and Professor Abraham Unger. The students were working with a community organization created to support immigrant laborers in Port Richmond, El Centro del Inmigrante. To read the stories — and watch the accompanying videos, one of which features President Guarasci — visit our online Newsroom. READ & WATCH

‘Seeing White,’ by Jean Halley & Amy Eshleman
“Seeing White: An Introduction to White Privilege and Race” (2011), by Jean Halley, Amy Eshleman, and former Wagner faculty member Ramya Vijaya, is an introductory textbook that looks at “whiteness” as the line of demarcation between a dominant group whose members enjoy a set of cultural, social and economic privileges — and everyone else, for whom access to those privileges is either denied or restricted.

  • Feb. 2 — “ ‘White privilege’ blinds us to changes: Portland schools are on right track to fight discrimination” — an op/ed essay by WC professors Jean Halley and Amy Eshleman published in the Portland (Oregon) Tribune, in response to a news story about a program in the Portland Public Schools to raise the awareness of teachers and administrators about white privilege. READ
  • Feb. 12 — An interview with Jean Halley and Amy Eshleman was aired on “Open Mind” with host Cecilia Skidmore, carried on Michigan public radio station WGVU. LISTEN
  • April 5 — Jean Halley was interviewed on National Public Radio’s “Tell Me More” by host Michel Martin on the question, “In the Trayvon Martin Case, Who’s Considered White?” LISTEN

Wagner economist comments on Greek debt crisis

  • Feb. 13 — “Economist says ‘Greece is going down’ ” — Wagner College economics professor Mary Rose Leacy was interviewed for a Wagner College News Service story on the Greek debt crisis. The story, which was distributed to the 450 WCNS member newspapers, was run in the News-Record, among others. READ
  • Feb. 14 — CTV, Canada’s commercial TV network, followed up the next day with a live interview with Professor Leacy on the “CTV News Express” program with anchor Todd van der Heyden. WATCH

Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform
Wagner College's Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform is directed by former New York State Senator Seymour Lachman. For information about the Carey Institute, visit its website.

  • Feb. 9 — “El Paso Mayor Fighting Ouster Over Gay Rights Counts Legal Bills” — Bloomberg Businessweek’s David Mildenberg tapped Carey Institute Senior Fellow Joshua Spivak, a nationally recognized expert on recall elections, as a source for this news story. READ
  • Feb. 15 — “The brokered convention nightmare” — an op/ed by Joshua Spivak published in the Huffington Post. READ
  • Feb. 18 — “The American president: One of us, not over us” — Carey Institute fellow Abe Unger’s President’s Day essay, distributed by the Wagner College News Service, was published as a guest editorial in the Baltimore Times. READ
  • Feb. 19 — “Lax oversight, Albany culture blamed for stream of onetime legislators running afoul of law” — Gannett Newspapers Albany bureau chief Joseph Spector drew upon Carey Institute director Seymour Lachman’s book, “Three Men in a Room,” for perspective on what’s wrong with New York State government. READ
  • March 3 — “Historic day: Wisconsin’s governor, lieutenant governor recalled” — Kirsten Adshead, writing for the Wisconsin Reporter, used Spivak as a source for her story on the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall drive. READ
  • March 7 — “Wisconsin Assembly approves limiting recall reasons” — An Associated Press story uses Spivak as a source. READ
  • March 21 — “The failed ‘dream ticket’ plan: Why Romney couldn’t pick Santorum as a running mate” — an op/ed by Joshua Spivak published in Market Watch. READ
  • March 28 — “The Inevitable Quadrennial Third-Party Shooting Star” — an op/ed by Joshua Spivak published in the Atlantic magazine. READ
  • March 30 — “GAB sets historic recall elections; GOP to field fake Dems” — Patrick Marley, writing for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, used Spivak as a source for this article on Wisconsin’s upcoming gubernatorial recall election. READ
  • March 30 — “Low percentage of invalid recall signatures” — Joshua Spivak was interviewed on Milwaukee talk radio WTMJ-AM about the upcoming recall election. LISTEN
  • March 31 — “Milwaukee mayor throws hat in ring with upcoming recall election of governor” — Once again, the Journal Sentinel tapped Spivak as a source on the recall story. READ
  • April 1 — “Proposed Alabama recall election law likely won’t be misused” — Joshua Spivak wrote this op/ed feature for the Birmingham (Ala.) News. READ
  • April 9 — “Detroit financial advisory board finds model in New York City, Washington DC” — Reporters writing a news story in the Huffington Post on Michigan’s fiscal takeover of the city of Detroit interviewed Seymour Lachman for perspective from Gov. Hugh Carey’s experience with the NYC fiscal crisis of the mid-1970s. READ
  • April 12 — “Island untouched as Cuomo vetoes budget items” — Advance political editor Tom Wrobleski interviewed Seymour Lachman for his perspective on action taken by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to cut member items allocated to NYS Democratic senators, perceived by some as political punishment. READ
  • April 19 — “Lachman lashes out against redistricting and the ‘Three Men in a Room’ ” — Will Bredderman, the “Brooklyn Daily” columnist for Courier Life, interviewed Seymour Lachman about his perspective on Gov. Cuomo’s compromise on the decennial legislative redistricting process in New York State following the 2010 U.S. census. READ
  • April 20 — “Government doesn’t matter. America does” — A Huffington Post op/ed by Abe Unger. READ
  • April 26 — “A lot riding on Romney’s ‘Veepstakes’ ” — Joshua Spivak’s analysis of the likely GOP nominee’s pick for vice president was run in the Los Angeles Times, the News Tribune (Tacoma, Wash.), the Gulf News (UAE), the Bradenton (Fla.) Herald, the Oregonian (Portland) and the Riverton (Wyo.) Ranger. READ
  • April 28 — “Readers debate when to hold recall votes” — Joshua Spivak responded in an editorial letter, published in the New York Times Sunday Review, to an earlier guest editorial. READ

Grymes Hill traffic safety; hit-and-run killing of a WC student

  • Feb. 13 — “Search is on for Staten Island hit-run killer” — Advance crime reporter John Annese wrote the first news story on the hit-and-run killing on Howard Avenue of Wagner College nursing student Ronald “R.J.” Tillman, who was bicycling home from a library study session. READ
  • Feb. 14 — “Wagner College mourns the loss of Staten Island hit-and-run victim Ronald Tillman” — John Annese, Staten Island Advance. READ
  • Feb. 14 — “Relatives of cyclist killed in S.I. hit & run ask public’s help to find driver; Ron Tillman was student at Wagner College” — Barry Paddock, N.Y. Daily News. READ
  • Feb. 14 — “Wagner College Students and Alumni Remember Nursing Student Killed in Hit and Run” — New York 1’s story on the memorial service for R.J. Tillman. Note that the video page starts with the video of the memorial service, followed by an Advance video story and the NY1 story. WATCH
  • Feb. 14 — “S.I. nursing student killed in hit-and-run, family says” — New York Post. READ
  • Feb. 15 — “After hit-run death of Wagner College student, Staten Island bicyclists say it’s a jungle out there” — John Annese of the Advance reports on generalized concerns on Staten Island about bike safety. READ
  • Feb. 15 — “Poignant goodnight to student prince: Wagner College conducts memorial for hit-run victim Tillman, recalled as a beacon of compassion” — Wagner College student/Advance newsroom intern Courtney Dunn wrote for the Advance on the R.J. Tillman memorial service. READ
  • Feb. 21 — “Ronald Tillman’s devastated mom turns other cheek in son’s death” — John Annese, Staten Island Advance. READ
  • Feb. 23 — “11 days later, driver remains at large in Staten Island hit-run tragedy” — Advance news editor Dean Balsamini. READ
  • March 15 — WC staffer Alejandro Lojo’s letter to the editor on Grymes Hill traffic safety, in the Staten Island Advance. READ
  • March 15 — “Spectral tribute designed to raise awareness” — Advance news story previews the installation of a “ghost bike” memorial to R.J. Tillman on Howard Avenue. READ
  • March 19 — “Mourners, riders brave traffic for tribute to tragic bicyclist” — In a front-page story, Jillian Jorgensen reports for the Advance on the ghost bike memorial installation. And, “Ghost Bike Honors Life of S.I. Man Killed in Hit-And-Run” — New York 1’s Mari Fagel also reported on the installation. WATCH & READ both stories
  • March 21 — “Long and winding road needs stop lights say some” — Virginia Sherry wrote for the Advance North Shore section on efforts by Wagner College staffers to get NYC to take additional safety measures on Howard Avenue. READ

Wagner College Theatre

  • Feb. 3 — “Karen L. Lewis awarded 2012 Stanley Drama Award” — Broadway World reports on this year’s Stanley Award winner. READ
  • Feb. 6 — “Wagner College Theatre opens ‘Urinetown’ Feb. 22” — Broadway World. READ
  • Feb. 6 — “John Carrafa to direct Wagner College's ‘Urinetown’ ” — Theatermania, a theater news website. READ
  • Feb. 6 — “Karen L. Lewis wins Wagner College’s Stanley Drama Award” — Theatermania. READ
  • Feb. 10 — “2012 Dance Project opens Feb. 28” — Broadway World. READ
  • Feb. 19 — “ ‘Urinetown’ opens Wednesday at Wagner College” — Arts editor Michael J. Fressola previews “Urinetown” in the Sunday Advance. READ
  • March 29 — “Galt MacDermot’s ‘Goddess Wheel’ to Premiere at Wagner College” — Broadway World. READ
  • March 29 — “Wagner College to stage Galt MacDermot-Matty Selman musical ‘Goddess Wheel’ ” — Playbill’s Adam Hetrick wrote about the upcoming debut of a new musical by “Hair” composer Galt MacDermot. READ
  • April 15 — “Reinventing the ‘Wheel’: Wagner College has a world premiere in the wings” — Fressola’s preview feature for the Advance. READ
  • April 18 — “SRMT presents ‘Company’ at Wagner College” — Broadway World previewed the Student-Run Musical Theater’s production of “Company.” READ
  • April 24 — “Wagner’s ‘Goddess Wheel’ a Galt-y pleasure, sans sex” — Arts editor Michael Fressola wrote a glowing review for the Sunday Advance Arts Section. READ

Wagner College men’s basketball

  • Jan. 27 — “Hottest Ticket in Sports? Coach Dan Hurley” — Staten Island Advance sports writer Cormac Gordon. READ
  • Jan. 29 — “Coach Hurley, brother, have Wagner on fast track” — Howie Kussoy wrote this feature story for the Sunday New York Post. READ
  • March 28 — “At Wagner, a new coach’s rapid rise” — Zach Schonbrun wrote for the New York Times about Wagner College’s new head men’s basketball coach, Bashir Mason. READ

Wagner College Chai Society

  • Feb. 3 — “Lecture on ‘What is Zionism Today’ at Wagner College” — a preview on the Staten Island Advance Jewish Life page of an upcoming Chai Society lecture. READ
  • March 23 — “Wagner College Chai Society awards dinner is Tuesday” — The Advance Jewish Life page featured the winners of this year’s Mitzvah Community Awards. READ
  • March 28 — “Wagner College Chai Society Community Mitzvah Awards” — a standalone photo in the Advance featured Richard & Carin Guarasci with the Mitzvah Award winners. VIEW

Muslim Americans on Staten Island: Exhibition & panel

  • April 12 — “Staten Island’s Muslim Americans to be honored at Wagner College” — Advance political editor Tom Wrobleski previewed an upcoming panel of Muslim leaders discussing their experience on Staten Island, hosted by Wagner College. READ
  • April 15 — “Exhibit: ‘Muslim Americans on Staten Island’ ” — An Advance illustrated preview of an exhibition in the library’s Spotlight Gallery. READ
  • April 16 — A panel discussion hosted by Wagner College, “Muslim Americans of Staten Island: Leaders, Families, Neighbors,” was covered the following day by Kiawana Rich of the Staten Island Advance and New York 1’s Mari Fagel. Note that the reference page starts with a complete video of the event, followed by the Advance and NY1 stories. READ & WATCH

General coverage

  • Jan. 28 — “Future Staten Island college students can get help finding financial aid” — Stephanie Slepian, Staten Island Advance, about Wagner College Financial Aid staff’s annual College Goal Sunday program, where anyone from the community can come in to get advice on filling out the financial aid forms for their student’s college application. READ
  • Feb. 22 — “Wagner College freshman Alexia Bayer combines business with French” — N.Y. Daily News intern Sanna Chu wrote this feature story on one of our freshmen as part of a series the News was running on NYC freshmen and their takes on life in the Big Apple. READ
  • Feb. 24 — “Accountants answer tax questions” — WC accounting professor Meg Horan, volunteering to answer telephone callers’ tax questions, was highlighted in this standalone photo on the Staten Island Advance website. READ
  • Feb. 25 — In another Advance standalone, WC students involved in an anthropology research experiment are featured, brewing native Peruvian beer — a preview of a news story scheduled to run the next month. READ
  • Feb. 26 — “Meet Staten Island's comic book crusader” — Advance arts editor Michael J. Fressola wrote about WC alumnus Rob Geronimo and his career in comic art. READ
  • Feb. 29 — “So much potential, so little faith” — Advance reporter Kathryn Carse wrote about WC President Richard Guarasci’s visit to the troubled National Lighthouse Museum site in St. George, Staten Island. READ
  • March 20 — “Miss S.I. stands on Make-A-Wish Foundation platform” — Advance columnist Carol Ann Benanti wrote about WC student Jamie Lynn Macchia ’13, Miss Staten Island 2012. READ
  • March 22 — “Chicha sprouted from maize and amylase” — Advance food editor Pamela Silvestri wrote this story for the front page of the Food Section about a WC Anthropology Department experiment that involved brewing native Peruvian beer. READ
  • March 25 — “Elie Wiesel, crusader for justice, to speak at Wagner graduation” — Staten Island Advance. READ
  • March 25 — “Staten Island ‘Skies’ on display in Wagner College Gallery” — Michael Fressola wrote in the Advance about an art exhibition by adjunct professor Kristi Pfister. READ
  • March 31 — “Video news: 'Hoodie Vigil' for Trayvon Martin” — New York 1 previewed an upcoming “hoodie vigil” planned by WC students and faculty the following week to focus attention on the killing of Trayvon Martin. WATCH
  • April 3 — Three news stories were published on the “hoodie” vigil: one by Kiawana Rich in the Staten Island Advance, a video story by Anthony DePrimo on the Advance website, and a New York 1 story by Aaron Dickens. READ & WATCH all three
  • April 3 — “A primer on domestic violence” — New York 1’s Aaron Dickens and Advance political editor Tom Wrobleski reported on a seminar about properly documenting domestic violence, conducted by the Brooklyn D.A.’s office for the WC nursing program’s senior students. WATCH & READ
  • April 6 — “Wagner College’s iconic Main Hall gets a new dome” — Advance history feature columnist Michael Dominowski wrote a short piece on the installation of the newly refurbished dome on Main Hall. READ
  • April 14 — “Miss New York pageant workshop held at St George Theatre” — The Advance story included alumna Maria DeSantis ’11, Miss Brooklyn, and Jamie Lynn Macchia ’13, Miss Staten Island. READ
  • April 18 — “Spring Fashion Show at Staten Island’s Wagner College” — A preview in the Advance. READ
  • April 19 — “Striving to be the prom sensation” — Wagner College student Courtney Dunn, an intern this semester at the Staten Island Advance, not only assisted with the reporting for this front-page story but was also the photographic model. READ
  • April 20 — “Wagner College Holds Health Fair” — New York 1’s Patricia Murphy reported on the first Health Fun Fair, organized by WC’s health-related majors. WATCH
  • April 30 — “Leadership garden dedicated at Wagner College” — New York 1’s Clodagh McGowan reported on the installation of a leadership garden on campus, including 15 inspirational sayings by world leaders. WATCH
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