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Media update, May 1 thru June 30, 2012

‘Seeing White,’ by Amy Eshleman & Jean Halley

  • May 3 — Charlotte Crockford, host of the radio program, “Feminist Edition,” interviewed Amy Eshleman and Jean Halley about their book, “Seeing White: An Introduction to White Privilege and Race.” The program airs on WUML-FM, Lowell, Mass. LISTEN
  • June 17 — Mark Judkins Helpsmeet, host of the Pacifica Radio syndicated program, “Northern Spirit Radio,” interviewed Eshleman and Halley about “Seeing White.” LISTEN

Wagner College Theatre

  • May 21 — “Dramatic opportunity for local grad” — Adirondack Daily Enterprise reporter Chris Knight wrote about how Wagner College Theatre student Michael Bullard ’13 had been chosen to play the role of Baby John in the international touring company of “West Side Story.” Bullard plans to return to Grymes Hill to finish his degree after the tour finishes next year. READ
  • May 22 — “Holland Resident Performed at World Premier of ‘Goddess Wheel’ ” — Northampton Herald Assistant Editor June Portnoy wrote this story about WCT student Elizabeth Miller’s performance in “Goddess Wheel.” READ
  • June 29 — “Chatting with ‘Evita’s’ Christina DeCicco, the ‘Alternate Eva’ ” — Playbill reporter Andrew Gans’ 3,500-word interview with WCT alum Christina DeCicco ’02, one of the two actresses starring as Eva Peron in the Tony-nominated Broadway revival of “Evita.” READ

Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform

  • May 7 — “Why college students matter” — In a column for the Huffington Post, government professor and Carey Institute fellow Abe Unger says that, despite political gridlock in Washington, “Real change is happening on the ground in a place ironically considered by much of America to be a universe apart: college.” READ
  • May 8 — “Historic primary to set recall matchup” — LaCrosse (Wisc.) Tribune reporter Chris Hubbuch tapped Carey Institute Senior Fellow Joshua Spivak, a nationally recognized expert on recall elections, as a source for this story on Wisconsin’s gubernatorial recall. READ
  • May 16 — “Scott Walker and the Strange Rise in Recall Elections” — Joshua Spivak wrote this opinion essay for The Atlantic. READ
  • May 19 — “Wisconsin’s laws primed state for recall” — Joel Christopher of the Appleton (Wisc.) Post-Crescent recaps the gubernatorial recall election with a little help from our own Joshua Spivak. READ
  • May 30 — “Recall fever: As Scott Walker fights to keep his post, recall elections spread across U.S.” — Ashley Portero used Joshua Spivak as one of her sources for this International Business Times story. READ
  • May 30 — “Wisconsin recall’s boomerang effect” — Joshua Spivak wrote this opinion essay for READ
  • May 31 — “Recall campaign approaches the finish line” — Milwaukee Public Radio’s Mitch Teich interviews Joshua Spivak on the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall. LISTEN
  • June 1 — "Wisconsin Recall Attempt Might Backfire in Presidential Election" — An op-ed essay by Joshua Spivak published in Roll Call. READ
  • June 4 — “Recall targets Wis. Gov. Walker, reversal of union rights” — Judy Keen includes a quote from Joshua Spivak in this USA Today story. READ
  • June 4 — “Wisconsin Recall Vote Becomes Microcosm of National Election” — Roll Call reporter Eliza Newlin Carney quotes Spivak on the potential impact the recall could have on the November presidential election. READ
  • June 5 — In a special Wisconsin recall edition of “The Caucus,” the New York Times government and politics blog, Times Chicago bureau chief Monica Davey gave a parenthetic “shout out” to our own Joshua Spivak in answering a reader’s question: “For those who want to learn more about the peculiar world of recalls, Joshua Spivak, a senior fellow at the Hugh L. Carey Institute for Government Reform at Wagner College in Staten Island, N.Y., knows a ton about them and his writings on this are interesting.” She linked to Spivak’s blog. READ
  • June 5 — In the course of live blogging for The Guardian, one of the U.K.’s leading dailies, Richard Adams also plugged Joshua Spivak: “There are politics wonks and then there is Joshua Spivak – who would win some sort of ‘wonk of the wonks’ award if one exists (and there should, any takers?). Spivak’s speciality is the recall election. His blog post contains everything you wanted to know about recall elections ever, the end. Where else would you learn that ‘a recall was approved against Arizona Governor Evan Meacham (Republican) in 1988, but Meacham was impeached and removed by the legislature on the day the signatures were verified’?” READ
  • June 5 — “Who’s getting recalled today?” — Meredith Jessup posted this story on The Blaze, an online news outlet, drawing substantially on Joshua Spivak’s extensive research on recall elections. READ
  • June 5 — “Wisconsin’s recall election in context” — Joshua Spivak was interviewed for Minnesota Public Radio’s local Morning Edition broadcast by Cathy Wurzer. LISTEN
  • June 5 — “Think the Wisconsin recall is rare? It's just one of 103 so far this year” — Liz Marlantes, writing for the Christian Science Monitor’s “D.C. Decoder” blog, draws on Joshua Spivak’s Recall Elections Blog for facts and historic perspective on the Wisconsin recall. READ
  • June 6 — “Democrats' control of Senate may be temporary: Power may shift again by November” — In a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story published the day after the gubernatorial recall election, Jason Stein and Patrick Marley draw upon Spivak’s expertise in analyzing the vote’s impact. READ
  • June 12 — “Obama’s big sigh of relief in Wisconsin” — Joshua Spivak wrote this opinion piece for The Hill about what the Wisconsin recall election results meant for the president’s reelection prospects. READ


  • May 17 — “Flickers of hope for job-hungry grads” — Victoria Crispo of Wagner College’s Center for Career Development was one of the sources contributing to this front-page Staten Island Advance story by Deborah Young about job prospects for new college graduates. Degree candidates Troy Savino and Victoria Felix talked about their own job prospects. READ
  • May 18 — “Wagner College nursing pinning ceremony” — Staten Island Advance photographer Irving Silverstein recorded the annual pinning ceremony for this year’s nursing graduates. SEE
  • May 19 — “Wagner grads told to mark life’s moments” — Advance reporter Frank Donnelly chronicled this year’s commencement exercise, which featured Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel as the keynote speaker. READ
  • May 25 — “Rock Island man awarded honorary doctorate” — The Rock Island Argus reported that Wagner College trustee Howard Braren ’50, of Rock Island, had been awarded an honorary doctorate at this year’s commencement program. READ
  • May 25 — “Savannah woman awarded honorary doctorate” — The Savannah Morning News ran this story about the honorary doctorate that had been awarded to Louise S. Kaufman ’75 M’78, retiring chairwoman of our board of trustees, at commencement. READ

General coverage

  • May 9 — “Wagner College hoopsters host Lifestyles for the Disabled event” — Staten Island Advance Deputy Sports Editor Jerry Lee wrote this story about the meetup between Wagner’s men’s and women’s basketball teams and the clients of Lifestyles for the Disabled in a program called Disabled Layup for Life Jamfest. READ
  • June 7 — Staten Island Advance reporter Keely Mohin and New York 1’s Mari Fagel talked with Wagner College planetarium director Dennis Anderson about a $250,000 equipment and facilities upgrade about to begin at the planetarium, thanks to a grant from N.Y. State Senator Marty Golden (R-Brooklyn). READ & WATCH
  • June 7 — “New Educators at Wagner program” — A standalone photo in the Staten Island Advance honored the winners of Wagner College’s Distinguished Educators Awards, given by the New Educators at Wagner program to standout Staten Island school teachers and administrators. SEE
  • June 19 — “Public safety officer from Staten Island’s Wagner College accused of stealing student mail” — Stephanie Slepian wrote this story for the Staten Island Advance. READ
  • June 24 & 28 — “Is the state out to get Staten Island’s nonprofits?” — The Staten Island Advance ran a news story, followed by an editorial, about action taken by the New York City Finance Department revoking the property tax exemptions for some nonprofit organizations on Staten Island. Wagner’s exemption for 1 of its 8 property tracts was among those revoked; the college is appealing. NEWS STORY, and EDITORIAL
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