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In order to help ensure the safety of our students, with the impending arrival of Hurricane Sandy early next week, we have decided to cancel classes for Monday and Tuesday. We also recommend that, if they can, students go home as soon as possible, but no later than noon Sunday -- and, if they are able, to take friends who live greater distances with them.

If circumstances require us to completely evacuate the residence halls, we will accommodate those students who could not leave campus as we did last year during Hurricane Irene, when we evacuated several hundred students overnight to the gymnasium.

Students: Before you leave, please remember to move items away from windows and off the floor, and be sure to take any valuables with you.

Students are expected to evacuate as soon as they can, and to notify us, by no later than noon Sunday, via this link. Note that students who cannot leave until early Sunday afternoon will not be prevented from doing so.
Please note that we are not closing the campus. Athletes returning from an away match will be able to get into their residence hall rooms.
Note that all campus activities scheduled for the afternoon and evening of Sunday, Oct. 28, have been cancelled. This includes the Viva Italia! Finale Concert at 4 p.m. in Campus Hall, and the busses taking students into the city at 5:45 p.m. for a film screening in the Village. We don't want anything to impede resident students from going home while they are still able to do so.

At this moment, we anticipate that college administrative offices will be open on Monday morning, at least until 1 p.m., but we will be keeping an eye on the weather.

We anticipate that classes will resume on Wednesday, but that will be subject to an assessment once the storm passes through the area.

We will provide regular updates to everyone via:

  • email
  • our website (
  • our Facebook page (

If campus loses power during the storm, we will continue posting updates on our Facebook page, even though our website and campus email will go down. Please "favorite" our Facebook page on your browser now to make it easy to find us later.

Our next update will be posted early this evening, and another will follow tomorrow morning.

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