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Students urged to leave by 12 noon

Good morning! We want to remind you that, with Hurricane Sandy on its way, we have cancelled classes for Monday and Tuesday.

We are asking all resident students to leave the residence halls by 12 noon and go home to weather out the storm, if they are able — and consider taking along a friend or three who live too far away to go to their own homes.

ALL STUDENTS: Please visit the Hurricane Sandy Plan registration page and tell us if you're going home (and how to contact you), if you're going to stay at a friend's home, or if you can't find alternate accommodations and will have to stay on campus during the storm.

Shuttles to the Staten Island Ferry are operating on a normal schedule for now. We expect they will continue to operate until either weather conditions become too hazardous or New York City shuts down the ferry.

Note that New York City is currently considering a shutdown of the ferry and subway system sometime before Hurricane Sandy’s landfall, though no decision has been made yet.

Also note that the ferry and all bridges off Staten Island will be shut down when sustained winds reach 39 mph.

We are fully prepared to take care of students who cannot leave campus during the hurricane — but conditions on campus will be rugged, with an evacuation to the gym likely and the possibility of a lengthy loss of power.

Please, if you are able to do so, take the opportunity at hand to pack and go home, now, while it is still possible to do so safely.

If students have questions, please talk with your residence hall staff right away.
For continuing updates, check your Wagner email or visit either the college website or our Facebook page.

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