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Because so many students have told us about how difficult it will be for them to wait until Sunday to return to the residence hall, we have decided to relax that restriction. For those who must, please feel free to return to the dorms on Saturday — but, if it’s possible for you to wait until Sunday, we would appreciate that chance to get a full complement of staff in place before all our students return.

A few words to the wise for travelers this weekend:

  • Gas up first and, if you have safe containers, bring along extra gas. We are having very great difficulties with gasoline supplies throughout the area — not just on Staten Island, but throughout New York City and New Jersey.
  • If you’re coming on Sunday, remember that the NYC Marathon will shut down the Verrazano Bridge from Brooklyn to Staten Island that day until 3 p.m. You may find it easier to go around the city to the N.J. Turnpike and cross on the Goethals Bridge — but, again, remember about gas. [update: the marathon has been canceled]
  • The Staten Island Ferry resumed service today at noon. However, subways are still not running in southern Manhattan, city buses are packed, and our ferry shuttle service will not be running until we are able to get fuel for the vans. If this situation changes this weekend, we will update you here.

And a few words from President Guarasci regarding specific concerns that have been voiced by a number of students:

  • We know that some of you may not be able to return to campus because you can’t get fuel for your vehicles. We want you to try your best to get back to Grymes Hill for the resumption of classes on Monday — but, above all, be sensible and be safe. If you find that you cannot make it back on Monday, please send a very brief message to, and he will forward it to the appropriate office.
  • Several students went home last weekend in the face of Hurricane Sandy thinking they would be away from campus for a couple of days at the most. They didn’t bring all their books for all their classes with them, they have not had Internet access for research, or they have lost power completely, all making it difficult to finish papers and prepare for upcoming exams. Obviously, you can’t use Hurricane Sandy as an excuse for doing no work at all — but our professors have just gone through the same natural disaster you’ve gone through, and they are sensible, compassionate men and women. Do all the work you can this weekend and when you return, just be prepared for a conversation with your professors about any work you haven’t completed.

Several students and student organizations have expressed an interest in raising money, collecting clothing or food, or volunteering in relief efforts to help the many Staten Island families whose homes have been wiped out during the hurricane. SGA President Greg Balaes will be coordinating those activities, with the full support of President Guarasci. In fact, Wagner College will be donating $5,000 to this effort to get the ball rolling. Greg is currently liaising with the Staten Island Borough President’s Office, the Salvation Army and the Staten Island chapter of the American Red Cross to find the most productive means of providing relief. If you would like to volunteer, send a short email to

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