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Media update for Oct. 9 thru Nov. 11, 2009

OCT. 15 — The Staten Island Advance theater writer praised the Wagner Theatre production of “Tommy”
OCT. 22 — The Advance calendar previewed a staged reading of this year’s Stanley Award-winning drama
OCT. 22 — The Advance previewed a visit by an alumnus bank investigator who helped break Pablo Escobar and the Medellin cartel — the story started on Page One
OCT. 24 — The Chicago Sun-Times ran an op-ed essay by Carey Institute fellow Joshua Spivak on Illinois’ new law allowing popular gubernatorial recalls
OCT. 29 — The Advance previewed the ‘Know-It-All Bowl,’ an event co-sponsored with the Staten Island Museum
NOV. 2 — The Advance highlighted Wagner’s annual ‘Celebrate Diversity’ fest
NOV. 4 — The theatrical Web site promo’d “Speech & Debate”
NOV. 5 — The Advance theater writer highlighted Broadway legend Elaine Stritch’s master class at Wagner; also previewed “Speech & Debate” and “Brigadoon”
NOV. 5Tri-Town News (Freehold, N.J.) ran a story on a local Wagner PA student who delivered babies in Ghana during his summer internship
NOV. 5 — A local Freehold blog picked up on the Tri-Town News story
NOV. previewed ‘Brigadoon’
NOV. 5 — Joshua Spivak (Carey Institute) was cited as a source in Roll Call’s story on New York’s 23rd Congressional district race (where the moderate Republican was forced out by a right wing Republican, who then lost to the Democratic candidate)

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