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Media update for Nov. 19 thru Dec. 5, 2008

Here’s a rundown of Wagner’s most recent media exposure:
    The most media exposure came from the work of Wagner College’s Hugh L. Carey Center for Government Reform, directed by Professor Seymour Lachman. On Nov. 19, the online publication Market Watch ran an op-ed essay by Carey Center research fellow Joshua Spivak, “Why Hillary Shouldn't Take Secretary of State Post.”
    That same day, Nov. 19, Staten Island Advance political reporter Tom Wrobleski used his “polit.bureau” blog to focus on a newly released study by the Carey Center, “New York’s Secret Government: Public Authorities Are Out of Control and Threatening the State’s Fiscal Health,” written by Carey Center senior research fellow Adam Simms.
    On Nov. 25, the Buffalo News ran another Carey Center op-ed by Joshua Spivak, “Senate Democrats Should Abandon the Gerrymander.”
    On Nov. 28, yet another Carey Center op-ed piece by Joshua Spivak was published in the Los Angeles and San Francisco editions of the Daily Journal, a newspaper for the California legal industry. The essay on California judicial recalls was titled “Bird is Not the Word: Judicial Recalls are Extremely Rare.”
    On Nov. 30, Bob Fois wrote about Adam Simms’ Carey Center study of N.Y. public authorities on his “News Copy, New York” blog.

On Nov. 27, the Staten Island Advance Weekly Entertainment section (also known as AWE) corrected its earlier naming of Brian LeTendre in its Readers Poll results as “Best Wagner Grad on Broadway,” after we informed the Advance that LeTendre had never attended Wagner College.
    In his place, AWE recognized Bret Shuford ’01, of “The Little Mermaid,” as “Best Wagner Grad on Broadway.”
    According to AWE Editor Rob Bailey, while LeTendre was not one of the listed choices on the Readers Poll ballot, which was published weekly from mid-August through the end of September, he “was an overwhelming write-in choice when we were compiling nominations. We shouldn’t have assumed he went to Wagner,” Bailey admitted. “I think this was the work of some diehard fans who think they are collectively quite funny.”
    It should be noted that Bailey checked into our concern about the LeTendre error as soon as he received our e-mail, and promptly admitted the error and his responsibility for it as soon as he had finished researching the matter in his office. Bailey is a great media partner of the institution, and we’re happy to have him as a friend of Wagner College.

On Nov. 30, Advance reporter Carolyn Rushefsky used Wagner College chaplain Abe Unger as her first source for an article on “Hanukkah: Commemorating the Miracle of the Oil.”

And finally, a Dec. 3 Advance story by reporter Jane Milza on Staten Island’s ninth annual Friends of Fire Holiday Arts and Fine Crafts Show focused on Wagner College adjunct professor Steve Nutt’s reproductions of Colonial earthenware pottery. As Milza notes in her article, “for the past 29 years [Steve Nutt] has been teaching students how to mold, glaze and fire classic American earthenware in classes at Wagner College.”

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