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Media update for Dec. 6, 2008 thru Jan. 16, 2009

Wagner College’s Carey Center for Government Reform, directed by Prof. Seymour Lachman, has been featured prominently in the media:
On Nov. 24, Carey Center Senior Research Fellow Adam Simms sat in on WBAI Radio’s “Talk Back!” program, which focused on his recently released report, “New York’s Secret Government: Public Authorities are Out of Control and Threatening the State’s Fiscal Health.” The Simms segment lasted about 30 minutes.
Joshua Spivak, another Carey Center research fellow, had two more op-ed pieces published. On Dec. 18, the Washington Post published Spivak’s essay, “The Perils of Special Elections,” written in the wake of the scandal surrounding Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s alleged conspiracy to sell a U.S. Senate seat to the highest bidder.
On Dec. 23, the MarketWatch Web site published another Spivak op-ed, “A Look Back and Ahead to the No. 2 Job: Future Vice Presidents Will Not go Back to Obscurity”.
And on Jan. 11, the Buffalo News ran an essay by columnist Donn Esmonde, “Albany’s Ills are Killing Upstate N.Y.,” contending that New York’s dysfunctional state government is having a negative impact on the economy. So much “buzz” was generated in Buffalo by this story that NBC affiliate WGRZ is sending a reporter to Grymes Hill next week to interview Dr. Lachman.

We had three more bits of media exposure in the last month:
On Dec. 11, the Staten Island Advance ran a standalone photo from the previous evening’s pinning ceremony for the Spiro School of Nursing’s 15-month program.
On Dec. 14, Michael J. Fressola wrote a brief story for the Advance on the exhibition being staged in the Wagner Gallery by the college’s art faculty.
And on Jan. 15, as many of you already know, the New Jersey Jewish News ran an editorial essay by our own Rabbi Abe Unger on the broader social implications of Bernie Madoff’s mammoth Ponzi scheme swindle.

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