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Media update for March 9 thru April 16, 2009

    Two media outlets ran stories on the recent signing of our Port Richmond Partnership agreement with a variety of community organizations:

    On March 24, Advance reporter Karen O’Shea quoted Jayne Dean, chairwoman of Wagner College’s Economics Department, as a source for her story on Pres. Obama’s economic initiatives.
    On March 24, the Albany Times Union ran an op/ed essay by Joshua Spivak, a research fellow at Wagner College’s Hugh L. Carey Center for Government Reform. The essay was titled “The Voters Deserve Primaries.”
    On March 26, the Advance previewed a Youth Unity Summit being hosted by Wagner College the following weekend.
    On March 27, Carol Ann Benanti’s column in the Advance welcomed back Wagner College adjunct English professor Barbara Bellisi.
    March 29 was the beginning of a busy time for media coverage of the college. The Advance recapped the Youth Summit that had taken place the previous day. The Advance previewed an upcoming seminar at the college on foreclosures. NY1 ran the first story on the hate crimes allegedly committed against the Nubian Student Union as a group, and against one of their members as an individual, in connection with the college’s annual Songfest competition and court selection.
    On March 30: The Advance ran a “good news” story about four Wagner grad students who came to the rescue of a neighbor at the Grymes Hill Apartments. And WCBS-TV News ran a clip on the Songfest story.
    On March 31, the Advance ran its first piece on the Songfest story. The story by police reporter John Annese was featured at the bottom of Page One.
    On April 2 in the Advance: Community reporter Tevah Platt profiled Wagner College AmeriCorps volunteer Katie Mishler, who works as a civic engagement coordinator. A second piece was published on the Songfest story, this one by reporter Phil Helsel.
    Also on April 2, the N.Y. Daily News published an editorial letter by Wagner College Carey Center director Seymour Lachman, commending the newspaper on a series highlighting “our dysfunctional state government.”
    On April 3 in the Advance: Another piece by Phil Helsel was published on the Songfest story. Wagner College professor and rabbi Abe Unger ran an essay on the Passover message’s relevance to the current economic turmoil.
    On April 4, the Advance announced that Gov. David Paterson would be the speaker at next month’s commencement program.
    On April 5, Advance arts editor Michael Fressola highlighted a new exhibition featuring photography by Wagner College modern language professor Marilyn Kiss.
    On April 7, the San Francisco Chronicle published a book review by the Carey Center’s Joshua Spivak of Matthew Sweeney’s “The Lottery Wars.”
    On April 16 in the Advance: Theater writer Lisa Ann Williamson plugged George Bernard Shaw’s “Arms and the Man,” being performed this week and next week at the Stage One studio theater (scroll down the page for the review). Tevah Platt contrasted the March 28 Youth Unity Summit on the Wagner College campus with the hate crime allegedly committed that morning against one of the contestants in the Songfest royal court competition.

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