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Main Hall classrooms relocated around campus

Classes previously scheduled for the Fall 2011 semester in Main Hall have been relocated to temporary, fully equipped classrooms around campus.
The Registrar's Office has arranged so that all the classes previously scheduled for a particular Main Hall classroom will be held in the same temporary classroom elsewhere. (For instance, all the classes previously scheduled for Main Hall 6 will be held, instead, in the Campus Hall MBA Lounge.)
See this table for the locations where particular Main Hall classrooms have moved their classes for the Fall 2011 semester.



MH 6
CAMH MBAL -- Campus Hall MBA Lounge

MH 7
LIB STCN -- Horrmann Library Study Center

MH 8
SH 106 -- Science Hall 106

MH 11
TH D3AX -- Towers D3 Annex

MH 12
CAMH 202 -- Campus Hall 202

MH 13
GYM HOF -- Spiro Sports Center Hall of Fame

MH 20
KH KC -- Kairos House, Knubel Chapel

MH 22
REYN LIB -- Reynolds House Library

MH 23
GYM VIP -- Spiro Sports Center VIP Room

MH 23A
WU 201 -- Union 201

MH 26
SH 105 -- Science Hall 105

MH 27
WU ARTG -- Union, Wagner Art Gallery

MH 28
FN MANZ -- Foundation Hall, Manzulli Board Room

MH 29A
GH 102 -- Guild 102

CAMH 202
WU 203 -- Union 203 (classes moved from Campus Hall 202)


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