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Project Pericles at Wagner College

Project PericlesProject Pericles is one of the programs that reinforces Wagner College as a national leader in democratic education and participatory citizenship.  In May 2005, at the invitation of the prestigious national consortium Project Pericles, Wagner’s Board of Trustees voted to make an institutional commitment to education for “social responsibility and civic concern” that would impact all campus constituents.

The ambitions of Project Pericles are bold: to create students who are models of  informed and active citizens, and to strengthen communities and participatory democracy.  It recalls the foundations of democracy, introduced by Pericles in Athens in the 5th century BCE, based on the recognition that every citizen had both the duty to serve and the potential to lead.  Struggles for democratic justice touch every discipline, from environmental or chemical research to inequities in education, access to health care and debates on artists and politics.  Project Pericles’ initiatives offer opportunities to become thoughtfully engaged in public life and to more systematically use disciplinary knowledge to debate alternative solutions to contemporary problems on our campus, and in our cities, nation and the world.

For more information about Project Pericles, visit its WEB SITE.

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