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The Wagner College community is invited to two upcoming events organized by Port Richmond’s Comite Ñani Migrante: a traditional Mixteca Baja joc-lo¸ or carnaval, as celebrated in the village of San Jerónimo Xayacatlan in Mexico’s Puebla state; and a seminar on “Transnational Families: Staten Island & San Jerónimo de Puebla.”

JOC-LOThe Carnaval de San Jerónimo Xayacatlan en Staten Island was celebrated on Saturday, March 1 at 7:30 p.m. at the Studio Club, 18 Linden Ave., Port Richmond. The program was free, all were welcome, and activities were presented in English, Spanish and Mixtec.

Take a look at a photo slideshow taken at the March 1 carnaval, courtesy of Margarita Sanchez.

Download the PDF of a Spanish-language article from the magazine, México Desconocidos, with photos of the carnaval in San Jerónimo Xayacatlan — or read the article online (and, if you like, select a rough, mechanical translation into English).

On Wednesday, March 5 at 6 p.m. in Wagner College's Spiro Hall 2, please join Comite Ñani Migrante for a seminar entitled “Transnational Families: Staten Island & San Jerónimo de Puebla.” The program will address the mutual needs of Port Richmond immigrants from San Jerónimo, and San Jerónimo residents who have relatives in Port Richmond. The keynote speaker will be Marco Antonio Castillo Martínez, a noted social anthropologist and rural community organizer in Mexico who has worked with several migrant communities in the Northeastern U.S. Also participating will be two Port Richmond residents who emigrated from San Jerónimo, and one or two residents of San Jerónimo.

Here is a video about Comite Ñani Migrante and its work in Port Richmond:

And here is another video, this one about San Jerónimo Xayacatlan:

This program is presented by Comite Ñani Migrante and supported by Wagner College, Staten Island Arts and El Centro del Inmigrante.

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