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To the Members of the Wagner Community,

By now, we are sure many of you have witnessed the growing national conversations initiated by the White House’s issuance of an Executive Order temporarily barring refugees and immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States. As we shared with you in November, the long-held principles and values that are embedded in our campus culture at Wagner College remain as they always have been. We continue to be committed to liberal education, to inclusion, and to equity, and we will continue to spread these values through the work that we do with our students, faculty and staff.

Our commitment to providing Wagner College students with an education where they are prepared to become global citizens is deeply tied to our mission. This commitment was expressed with great clarity in the 1935 inaugural address of the first lay president of Wagner College, Clarence Stoughton, when he stated:

“Wagner is not and will not be a proselytizing agency.

“Wagner will continue to aim to make better Lutherans from those who are Lutherans, better Catholics from those who are Catholics, better Jews from its Jewish students, better Protestants, better men and women.

“It is our plan and purpose that Wagner shall not only set its seal upon the diploma of its graduates, but upon each life as well.

“It is my profound hope that this will show itself as an aptitude for and an interest in moral and spiritual leadership. I would have Wagner men and women aware to that need for such leadership, I would have them prepared to meet it, I would have them strong-hearted captains in the never-ending fight for freedom, for nobility, for honor, for truth.”

We want to remind you that Wagner College welcomes and supports all of our students, regardless of their immigration status. We admit students in a manner consistent with our non-discrimination policy, and once matriculated, we work to create a community in which each student can succeed. Like all colleges and universities, we are in compliance with federal requirements associated with managing our international student programs; otherwise we do not share sensitive information like immigration status, except when required to do so by law. We strongly recommend that members of our community from countries listed in the Executive Order consult with their respective embassies prior to international travel, during the duration of these travel restrictions.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns as we navigate these days ahead. There are many resources available to you on campus to include:

  • Confidential counseling services for all students through the Center for Health and Wellness
  • Confidential counseling services for all faculty and staff through the Employee Assistance Program offered by Human Resources
  • Spiritual and Religious Counseling through the Center for Religion and Spirituality
  • International Student Support through the Center for Intercultural Advancement

Here we will support a community that has respect for cultural and religious traditions, one that is notable for its absence of racial or ethnic hierarchies, and prepares young people to lead. We understand that some of you are experiencing large amounts of uncertainty right now and we want to assure you that Wagner College is a place where you are valued, respected and above all safe.

Richard Guarasci, President

Lily McNair, Provost

Angelo Araimo, Vice President for Enrollment

Ruta Shah Gordon, Vice President for Internationalization and Campus Life

John Carrescia, Vice President for Finance

Joe Romano, Vice President for Administration

Curtis Wright, Dean and Chief Diversity Officer

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