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Cover, 'The Power of Integrated Learning' (WEB)A new book released this month features Wagner College among a unique group of American colleges and universities: those not focused solely on either the liberal arts or career training, but committed to blending the liberal arts with professional studies and civic engagement to produce what Wagner College President Richard Guarasci calls “the civic professional.”

Those schools have combined their strength in a consortium called New American Colleges & Universities.

The book that examines NAC&U’s unique, hybridized approach to 21st century higher education is “The Power of Integrated Learning: Higher Education for Success in Life, Work and Society.”

“Higher education is tasked with addressing the needs of both students and their families who want a return on their investment as well as employers who want graduates with the skills needed to adapt to ever-changing workplaces,” says author William M. Sullivan. “Higher education must also enable students to develop the knowledge and abilities to lead lives of significance in contributing to a democratic society.”

In “The Power of Integrated Learning,” Sullivan writes about how the New American Colleges and Universities model of higher education is accomplishing those goals.

Drawing on examples from the 25 members of NAC&U, the book makes the case for an approach that combines the strengths of the liberal arts, professional studies and civic responsibility to give students the combination of skills and experience that will prepare them for success in all aspects of life after graduation.

“As I conducted research for the book, I found that these campuses, although geographically and otherwise diverse, placed significant value on programs and learning practices that fostered growth in both critical and analytical skills found in liberal arts education while allowing students to explore real-world preparation in their chosen fields,” said Sullivan. “Perhaps most importantly, this model was delivered in a way that emphasized civic engagement and finding one’s place in society.”

To read more about “The Power of Integrated Learning,” or to order your copy, visit the Stylus Publishing website.

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