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ForbesFor the fifth year in a row, Wagner College appears on the Forbes America’s Top Colleges list. This is the tenth year Forbes has produced the list, which was released Aug. 2.

“The Forbes Top Colleges ranking has always placed its focus solely on the direct benefits a college or university provides its students,” writes Forbes Top Colleges 2017 deputy editor Carter Coudriet. “Favoring output over input, we eschew common metrics like acceptance rate, endowment and freshmen SAT scores — numbers that say far more about a school’s ‘prestige’ than its actual effectiveness — and instead favor variables like alumni salary, graduation rate and student satisfaction.”

Wagner College ranked number 348 out of 650 on the Forbes 2017 Top Colleges list. Among the 63 colleges and universities in New York state that made it onto the Forbes list, Wagner ranked 42nd — ahead of RIT, Pace and the Pratt Institute. Among the three colleges on Staten Island, Wagner College was ranked the best value.

For details on the Forbes Top Colleges ranking methodology, visit the website.

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