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Wagner College was ranked in the Top 25% of northern regional universities in the new U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges guide, placing number 37 out of 145 schools in the regional top tier. This is the 19th year in a row in which Wagner has appeared in the Top 25% of schools in its category.

Wagner also posted in three specific U.S. News rankings categories:

“Great Schools, Great Prices” — Wagner College was tagged as a “best value” among northern regional universities. “The higher the quality of the program and the lower the cost, the better the deal,” U.S. News editors wrote about this designation.

“A Focus on Student Success” — Wagner College was recognized for national excellence in the category of Service Learning, one of eight “Programs to Look For” thought of as the “academic programs that are believed to lead to student success,” according to U.S. News editors.

“A+ Schools for B Students” — U.S. News defined these as colleges “where nonsuperstars have a decent shot at being accepted and thriving – where spirit and hard work could make all the difference.”

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