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Men at workWith just 4 weeks left before the new Class of 2018 moves into Harbor View Hall, the 14-story residence hall that houses Wagner College's first-year students, work is proceeding at top speed on the extensive renovation project that began shortly after exams finished this spring. Here’s a quick rundown of the project’s current status:

  • On the outside of the building, brickwork was either replaced or mortar was repaired, depending upon the need. That is now complete.
  • Window sills and what we call floor sills — just below the window sills — have been replaced. As of this week, all of those should be installed.
  • The building will receive a final wash on the outside, both to clean it and to test the brick and window seals to ensure work has been done properly.
  • All of the windows are being replaced with double-pane, energy-efficient models that should make the rooms more comfortable in each season. Of the nearly 400 windows throughout Harbor View, we are down to just a handful that have not yet been replaced — mostly, the large windows in the lounges on each floor — which will be completed this week.
  • The entire heating/cooling system has been replaced. This includes the pipes that carry the hot or cold water to each floor, as well as the fan-coil units — a combination radiator and blower system — in each room. That work has been completed, and the air conditioning has been running for the past several days.
  • The new heating/cooling pipes should help us avoid some problems that we’ve been having over the past few years. The old ones burst on a regular basis because they were housed in an unheated pocket on the outside of the building and were subject to freezing. The new ones are now internal and will be more efficient in carrying hot or cold water to each floor.
  • When all the rest of the interior work is finished, the entire inside of the building will be repainted to freshen it up.

We are happy to say that, before the new freshman class moves in to Harbor View Hall next month, the entire renovation project will be complete.

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