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Harbor View Hall 16x9Later this week, work will begin on the first of several phases in the exterior renovation of Harborview Hall, a 45-year-old residence hall. The goal of the project is to make Harborview weather-tight.

Beginning this week, we will start work on parts of the exterior masonry, removing and replacing damaged mortar between bricks. This first step will focus only on Gatehouse, and work will proceed only during hours when Gatehouse is not being used for classes or scheduled activities.

Later, once we have scaffolding permits from the city, crews will begin going down each side of the building, from top to bottom, to inspect, repair and replace damaged masonry.

While class is still in session, we will limit work to the corners of the building (where there are no windows) to preserve the privacy of residents. We will also limit the number of hours worked while classes are in session, and will not begin work until after 10 a.m., to reduce noise problems for residents.

Work will stop completely during exams, but it will resume after Move Out Day — and, from that point on, work will proceed in earnest on all sides of the building, replacing damaged bricks, repairing damaged mortar, and installing new windows and sills.

Residents of Harborview Hall will be receiving a more detailed memo from the college about what to expect during the project. For questions, contact your RA or Residence Director.

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