Nursing Resource Center

SIMNursing Resource Center, Campus Hall,
(718) 390-3291

The Nursing Resource Center offers the undergraduate and graduate nursing students an opportunity to further their knowledge and skills through the utilization of a variety of educational aids in the simulated four-bed clinical unit, smart classroom, and in the computer lab that accommodates 15 personal computers.  These include the following:

Video/DVD Presentations:

Current guidelines on infection control, chest x-ray and ECG interpretation, medical-surgical disorders, legal issues in nursing, nursing theory, women's health, a complete physical assessment series, and the Denver II Training video and testing kit.

Laerdal Clinical Simulators:

Adult and Pediatric Simulators enable students and instructors to simulate clinical scenarios using computer generated information.

Complete Care Manikin:

Enables the student to perform specific physical assessment skills such as auscultation of normal cardiac, respiratory and abdominal sounds as well as access for venopuncture, nasogastric tube insertion, tracheostomy suctioning, wound care, vital signs.

Suture Practice Arm:

Allows the graduate students to practice surgical suturing. (Graduate program only).

Examining table and physical assessment equipment:

Includes wall-mounted otoscope/opthalmoscope, aneroid sphygmomanometer, and neurological examination tools.

Additional Practice Manikins:

A newborn, five-year old child and an adult.