Fall 2013 Course Schedule

PH103 Contemporary Moral Problems H1 Donovan, S 9:40-11:10AM --T-R--

PH106 Religions of the East (I) 01 Kaelber 9:40-11:10AM --T-R--

PH109 Political Philosophy 01 Danisi 9:40-11:10AM -M-W---

PH202-LC Medical Ethics FI Danisi 9:40-11:10AM --T-R--

PH203 Social Philosophy 01 Donovan, S 1:00- 2:30PM --T-R--

PH205-ILC Philosophy of Mind 3B Danisi 1:20-12:50PM --T-R--

PH400 Senior Reflective Tutorial 01 Donovan, S 2:40- 4:10PM --T-R--

PH401 Seminar: Topics in Philosophy 01 Danisi 1:00- 2:30PM -M-W---

RE105 Religions of the East (I) 01 Kaelber 9:40-11:10AM --T-R--

RE110 Introduction to Religion(I) 01 Smith-Jr.J 0:10-11:10AM -M-W-F-

RE120 Introduction to the Bible(I) 01 Smith-Jr.J 1:20-12:20PM -M-W-F-

RE203 Spiritual Quest in Literature H1 Kaelber 6:00- 9:00PM ---W---

RE204 Death and Beyond 01 Kaelber 4:20- 5:50PM -M-W---

RE291 Special Topics:Religious Studies, God's Problem/Suffering in Bible 01 Smith-Jr.J 1:20-12:50PM --T-R--