Faculty and Staff

Physics Faculty


Gregory Falabella

Associate Professor, Physical Sciences Department (Physics)

718-390-3403 gfalabel@wagner.edu Megerle Science Building 111

Research: in-flight ice accretion on aircraft, research in physics education, computational physics.

Otto Raths

Professor, Physical Sciences Department (Physics)

718-390-3449 oraths@wagner.edu Megerle Science Building 112

Classes: Astronomy, General Physics, Electronics, Quantum Mechanics, Modern Physics.

Chemistry Faculty


Mohammad Alauddin

Professor, Physical Sciences Department (Chemistry)

718-390-3127 malauddi@wagner.edu Megerle Science Building 215

Research: Arsenic contamination in well-water systems.

Racquel DeCicco

Assistant Professor, Physical Sciences Department (Chemistry)

718-390-3395 racquel.decicco@wagner.edu Megerle Science Building 212

Research: Synthesis and behavior of conjugated organic molecules.

Nick Richardson

Professor/Chair, Physical Sciences Department (Chemistry)

718-420-4124 nrichard@wagner.edu Megerle Science Building 218

Professor and chair of the department of chemistry & physics.
Research: Application of transition metal complexes in biological systems.

Arun Sharma

Assistant Professor, Physical Sciences Department (Chemistry)

718-390-3384 arunkumar.sharma@wagner.edu Megerle Science Building 213

Research: Molecular Dynamics simulations to investigate interfacial properties of reverse micelles.



Marisa Scarpa

Secretary, Math & Computer Science

718-390-3125 marisa.scarpa@wagner.edu Megerle Science Building 109

Qi Li

Lab Coordinator, Physical Sciences Department (Chemistry)

718-390-3407 qi.li@wagner.edu Megerle Science Building 220

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