Dr. Marion R. Bartlett (Psychology Faculty 1936-1942)

Dr. Marion Bartlett

Dr. Marion Rachael Bartlett joined the faculty of Wagner College in 1936  after completing her graduate work in psychophysiology at Columbia University.  Before completing her graduate work, she studied at the University of Paris for a year and was a research fellow at the New York State Psychiatric Institute in New York City and at Yale University.  Her research suggests a strong interest in suggestibility in psychiatric populations.

In 1938, according to the Wagner College Bulletin (a newsletter no longer published), Dr. Bartlett reported that Wagner College students scored in the 68th percentile on the "Thurstone Psychological Examination" which was administered to 32,000 US college students at 185 universities.

Below: Bartlett, M.R. (1941). Minimal auditory stimuli during the onset of sleep. American Journal of Psychology, 54, 109-112.

Depicted below is one of her papers on suggestibility published in the Journal of General Psychology in 1936.