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April 29, 2016
On April 28, 2016 faculty and students in the psychology department joined together to celebrate the induction of the students into the Wagner College chapter of Psi Chi, the International Honors Society in Psychology. Congratulation to the 22 new members inducted this academic year and to the members [...] Keep reading →
December 5, 2015
During the Spring 2016 semester, Dr. Wagner will be on sabbatical leave to work on his book on the history of psychology. During his leave, Dr. Groth will be acting chair of the psychology department. [...] Keep reading →
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September 10, 2015
Late last month, Science magazine published a story about something called the Reproducibility Project. The project began in 2011 when a University of Virginia psychologist and his team recruited more than 250 researchers, identified 100 psychological studies published in 2008, and rigorously redid [...] Keep reading →
August 23, 2015
Several students were recognized for their academic work at the 2015 senior and undergraduate award ceremonies. Congratulations to all! [...] Keep reading →
May 4, 2015
Graduating psychology students Alexandra Roca and Matthew Kane were named recipients of awards from the Richmond County Psychology Association in April, 2015. See the Wagner College Facebook site for photo! [...] Keep reading →
April 25, 2015
On April 23, 2015, eight students were inducted as new members of the Wagner College chapter of Psi Chi, the International Honors Society for Psychology. They are: Eric Anderson Nicole Berger Victoria Bongailas Chelsea Borsack Phoebe Foard Samantha Jensen Gabryel Oloapu Amanda Perez [...] Keep reading →
January 17, 2015
Dr Groth is on sabbatical leave for Spring Semester 2015. During this time he will be carrying out research on boys' and men's well-being in Western developed countries. In this connection, he will complete the designing of a 31-course graduate program on male studies, the first of its kind. He will [...] Keep reading →
12-22 New Year's resolutions 16x9
December 31, 2014
As the year 2014 draws to a close, many of us are thinking about how to break old habits in the New Year. For some expert advice on New Year’s resolutions, we turned to Dr. Laurence J. Nolan, a psychology professor at Wagner College on Staten Island who specializes in the study of eating behavior. [...] Keep reading →
Whole Homemade Thanksgiving Turkey
December 14, 2014
The holidays are a happy time of year for many people, filled with family gatherings and friendly get togethers — often over a dinner table stocked to overflowing with rich, seasonal delicacies. The big question for those concerned with healthy eating is, How do I make it from Thanksgiving to New [...] Keep reading →
Christmas conference
December 7, 2014
Some folks seem to come alive during the holiday season. Others … don’t. For advice on how to avoid the Christmas blues, we turned to an expert: Miles Groth, a psychology professor at Wagner College. A trained psychoanalyst, Groth has been in private practice since 1977. Dr. Groth had five simple [...] Keep reading →