Ferry Shuttle Service

Shuttle service stops on campus:

Main Campus Entrance Gazebo (by Lower Tier) and on the roadway between Parker Hall and the rear of Foundation Hall.

Shuttle service stop at the Ferry:

Bus Station North - Exit the Ferry into the Main Terminal.   Make a left in the Terminal and go all the way to the end, past the pizza shop.  Go up the stairs or elevator on your left (across from the Post Office).  At the top of the stairs,  go outside the double glass doors and you will see a sign for the Wagner College Ferry Shuttle on your right.

The Ferry Shuttle runs 7 days a week (see schedule below).  Please contact Wagner College for holiday and break schedules.

Additional hours: Monday – Friday (PM Rush Hour Only): Shuttles will Depart Ferry Terminal: 5:15PM, 6:15PM and 7:15PM 

We ask for your patience as traffic conditions affect the service. Van drivers will do their best to meet the arriving and departing ferries.  Shuttle will leave the terminal, whether it is fully occupied or not, only at its scheduled time.

If you need to contact Wagner College, please call:
Office: 718-390-3165 (Monday-Friday 8:00AM-4:00PM)
Main Booth: 718-390-3148 (Monday-Friday 4:00PM-8:00AM, All day Saturday and Sunday)

The Ferry Shuttle will run on the schedule listed below effective August 19th, 2013.

Ferry Shuttle Schedule