Wondering what to bring?

Wondering what to bring?

Deciding what to bring when you move on to campus can be a tough and often confusing decision.  To make things easier we have compiled a list of suggested  items as well as those items that you should not bring to campus.

Good luck packing... we look forward to seeing you soon!


Suggested Items:

  • alarm clock
  • pillows and bedding (we recommend XL twin size 84” x 36”)
  • towels
  • throw rug
  • bath tote or bucket
  • toiletries
  • cleaning supplies
  • 2 wastebaskets (one for normal trash, one for recycling)
  • printer
  • ironing board & iron
  • desk / floor lamp (no halogen or multiple plastic shade lamps)
  • laundry bag / basket
  • dry erase board for outside door
  • microwave (700 watt maximum)
  • camera
  • refrigerator (4 cubic feet maximum)
  • slippers for shower
  • school supplies
  • curtain and tension rod for closet (dimensions 84" x 36")
  • surge protectors
  • ethernet cord

NOTE: Rooms in Harborview Hall do not include overhead lighting. We highly recommend bringing your own lamp(s).


 Items you shouldn't bring:

  • amplifiers or large speakers
  • appliances with an exposed heating element including sandwich/panini grill
  • candles, incense
  • upholstered furniture that does not meet California technical bulletin 117
  • extension cords or multiple plug adapters
  • pets except fish
  • halogen and lava lamps
  • fish tanks larger than 2 gallons


Our Campus Market
For linens and care packages, please contact our campus partners from Our Campus Market, 866-847-7365. 
Collegiate Storage and Rental
For questions regarding storage options and micro-fridge rentals, please contact our campus partners from Collegiate Storage and Rental, 800-883-8281. 

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