Graduate Housing

Beginning Fall 2013, Wagner will no longer offer graduate student housing in the Grymes Hill apartments. Instead, any graduate students wishing to find housing accommodations through Wagner College will be assigned to spaces in Foundation Hall, Guild Hall, or Towers Hall.  Additionally, since a kitchen will not be available, a 19, 14, or 10-meal plan meal will must be selected.

The spaces in Foundation Hall are suite-style rooms, where two double rooms are connected by a small common area with access to bathroom facilities to be shared by the four inhabitants of a suite. Single-room accommodations will not be available to graduate students.  The spaces in Guild Hall are suite style double rooms, connected by a bathroom. The spaces in Towers Hall are either single or double rooms.  

Wagner will allow graduate students to share living spaces with undergraduate students in all three halls.

If you are interested in housing accommodations, please contact The Office of Residential Education at