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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Student Government. Allow us to fill you in with some background information about the SGA. Within our body, there is a legislative and executive branch of the SGA, both with elected and appointed positions. Unlike elected positions, appointed positions do not have an election process or campaign. Instead, an appointed Senator or Vice President is instead interviewed by current members of the SGA.

Executive Board Positions: The executive branch consists of the President (elected), Vice President (elected), VP of Finance (elected), VP of Communications (elected), VP of Campus Events (appointed), and VP of Community Service (appointed). These positions are typically filled in the Spring, but if there are any openings then the campus will be notified to apply below.

Senate Positions: There are four elected Senators for each class year and one appointed Senator (therefore a total of five Senators for each class). Senators are important representatives, not only of their class year, but the entire student body. Their main focus is to draft proposals and pass legislation to improve student's time here at Wagner College. You can view a list of completed proposals under the "Senate" page on the right sidebar.

Important Policies:

  • Election Guidelines and Posting Policy - click here

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  • Disclaimer: I have read and understand the Duties and Responsibilities of the position I am seeking. I have also had access to the Student Government Association Constitution ( I understand the rules of campaigning and the election process and will follow ALL Wagner College policies and SGA regulations. If I fail to follow these, I am aware I can lose votes and possibly be dismissed from the election if the current Executive Board and their Advisor deem that needed.