Election Rules & Guidelines

Student Government Election Rules and Guidelines


  • All campaign material must be approved by the SGA Election Commissioner and the Office of Co- Curricular Programs, who will ensure content meets campus standards
  • Candidates are allowed a maximum of six posters campus-wide, and seventy flyers
  • A sheet counts as a poster. Sheets must be no larger than twin size. T-shirts count as a poster.
  • No material may be distributed (i.e., candy or food)
  • Any candidate caught defacing or removing another candidate’s materials will forfeit candidacy
  • No campaign material may slander any other candidate
  • All campaign material must be removed by the closing of polls on the second Election Day
  • All posters must be placed in approved locations and must meet the Posting and Marketing guidelines in this Handbook


  • All candidates must have a minimum GPA of 2.7
  • All candidates have the right to contest elections within 24 hours of the results being posted. The SGA President and Vice President, along with the Election Commissioner, will conduct an investigation.
  • Candidates may not loiter on the Union Patio or in the poll area - Remove this line
  • Candidates may not log on to the voting website for voters, or navigate a voter to the voting website and show them how to vote
  • iPads, tablets, laptops, phones, or other portable devices may not be used to solicit votes
  • Winners will be announced at the conclusion of the second voting night. Results will be produced upon
  • request to any member of the student body within 48 hours of the election.

It is impossible to foresee all possible incidents. Therefore, the Senior Executive Board reserves the right to make any additional decisions. Also, any infractions can result in either a vote deduction or disqualification. Minor infractions will be a 5 vote deduction. Unapproved posters or poster locations will be a 3 vote deduction. All other deductions and/or disqualifications are the hands of the Senior SGA Executive Board. Be aware that any slander of any other candidate will be treated with the utmost seriousness and will result in disqualification.


Posting Policy

The posting policy is designed to balance the College’s commitment to free speech with concerns about campus aesthetics. Additionally, the College wishes to support communication and education about campus, local, and world events and issues, while delineating acceptable posting practices. All students must strictly adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All posters and flyers must be affiliated with a recognized Wagner student organization or a Wagner department. Postings should be approved with a stamp from the Co-Curricular Programs Office in the Wagner Union. Any posters or flyers not bearing this stamp will be removed and discarded.
  • Posters must not exceed 22” x 28”; flyers are promotional materials printed on paper, usually 8.5” x 11”.
  • Posters and flyers cannot be placed on glass, painted surfaces, on cars, in mailboxes, on or under doors, or

    on top of previously posted material. On the 2nd floor of the Union, the two bulletin boards closest to the Student Mailboxes are a designated posting area. All other flyers will be removed. Students should limit the number of flyers posted in one area of campus. Please use painter’s tape to post flyers on campus.

  • Publicity may not promote alcohol, drug use, the degradation of any person or groups of people, or establishments which support any of the aforementioned items.
  • All posters and flyers must be removed 24 hours after the event. The group presenting the event is responsible for removal of all posters and flyers.
  • All posters and flyers posted in the Residence Halls must be submitted by 12 noon on the Wednesday two (2) weeks prior to the event date to Co-Curricular Programs. Co-Curricular Programs will deliver all posters and flyers to Residential Education each Wednesday. The number of flyers or posters to be submitted for Residential Education is as follows: Lobbies ONLY: 15 copies, Floors ONLY: 50 copies.
  • No item may be posted for more than 30 days.
  • Bed sheets may be hung in the dining hall only after approval by Dining Services. Dining Services will direct students to where to hang the sheet. The sheet must be no larger than twin size and must be sponsored by a registered student organization.
  • Flyers may be left at the front desks in the residence halls.
  • Students may only publicize/advertise their events once the space request is confirmed.
  • No organization may use the Wagner College name, likeness, images or trademarks in connection with a

    personal or unofficial function if the use of the name may mislead someone into thinking the function is College-sanctioned or sponsored. Wagner College has registered its name, initials, mascot, seal and logos (trademarks) as a means of protecting them from unauthorized use and abuse. Permission is required before they may be reproduced. If authorized, the usage of such items must conform to the regulations set by the Director of Communications.

  • The Director of Co-Curricular Programs must approve any off-campus advertising; this includes announcements made in non-college or electronic message boards.