Meeting Dates

The following meetings are open to the entire campus and are officially titled "Club Congress Meetings." Even if you aren't officially representing a club/organization, we encourage you to attend in order to voice your opinions, complaints, suggestions, etc. and to hear about what is happening around Wagner's campus.

Here are the dates for the SGA Club Congress Meetings, there are 6-8 per semester (required by the SGA Constitution).

FALL 2013

September 10th, 4:30 in Spiro 4
September 24th, 4:30 in Spiro 2

October 8th, 4:30 in Spiro 4
October 22nd, 4:30 in Spiro 2

November 5th, 4:30 in Spiro 2
November 19th, 4:30 in Spiro 2