The Senate promotes the welfare of the student body by acting as a liaison between the student body and the College Administration, facilitating a smoother flow of information between said groups. Senators draft proposals and legislation that, if passed, are brought before the College Administration for action. A list of previous proposals can be found on the sidebar.

Have a suggestion, complaint, or idea? Contact your class Senator, they'd be happy to help.

2014-2015 Senators

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Carolyn Hagerty

Senior Senator Chapin, South Carolina
I'm involved on campus with ResEd, IMPACT Scholars, ODK, and College Choir. Here's to making an impact our last year here!

Maria Papaioannou

Senior Senator Staten Island, New York
If you want to make a change on campus, come talk to me! I'm here to help you.

Max Schmardel

Senior Senator Eatontown, New Jersey
I joined SGA because I wanted to get more involved in the campus and campus life.

Pat Dutton

Senior Senator Franklin, Massachusetts
I'm excited to make a difference in my Wagner community as a senior senator.

Jarrod Molzon

Senior Senator Lanoka Harbor, New Jerse
Wagner is what we make of it, so let's make it rock. 

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Chelsea Borsack

Junior Senator Ocean Side, NY
I would love to contribute a lot to the Wagner community through SGA!

Jennifer Loh

Junior Senator Bangkok, Thailand
I want to make significant changes and bring the community closer together. I like to be in the position of helping others. My goal is to d

Amanda Cazalet

Junior Senator North Massapequa, New York
I care about Wagner college and the campus community!

Alexandra Pagano

Junior Senator Staten Island, New York
I joined SGA because I wanted to be more involved on campus and wanted to make a difference.

Patrick McMenamin

Junior Senator Longpost, New Jersey
This is my third year as a senator and I'm excited to make even more changes to Wagner this year.

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Mariah Joy

Sophomore Senator Newtown, Connecticut
I love the friendliness and unity of the other SGA members and am so excited to be working with them again this year!

Vanessa Dailey

Sophomore Senator Plymouth, Massachusetts
I joined SGA because I care a lot about our student body and want to make our time here at Wagner the best it can be.

Jessica Bulone

Sophomore Senator Marlboro, New Jersey
I joined SGA to give students like myself a voice and a chance to make a difference during our experience here.

Ryan Monaghan

Sophomore Senator Rutherford, New Jersey
I have always been a leader and love applying my skills to the SGA.

Amanda Sutherland

Sophomore Senator Denton, Texas
 I am excited for the opportunity to be a major influencer at Wagner this coming year.


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Ryan Cottone

Freshman Senator Staten Island, New York
I joined SGA because I felt like this was my calling ever since my mother went here when I was three.

Anthony Arpaia

Freshman Senator Staten Island, New York
I joined SGA so I can be up close and personal with Wagner.

Katelyn Norman

Freshman Senator Los Angeles, California
I joined SGA because I seek to be involved with Wagner in order to continue making improvements to our campus.

Ryan Moroney

Freshman Senator Denville, New Jersey
I joined SGA to be a part of something bigger than myself. I want to give back to this school.

Charlton Boyd

Freshman Senator Shreveport, Louisiana
I want to voice the concerns of Wagner students and foster positive change.