The Senate promotes the welfare of the student body by acting as a liaison between the student body and the College Administration, facilitating a smoother flow of information between said groups. Senators draft proposals and legislation that, if passed, are brought before the College Administration for action. A list of previous proposals can be found on the sidebar.

Have a suggestion, complaint, or idea? Contact your class Senator, they'd be happy to help.

2013-2014 Senators

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  • Amalia Vargas
  • Senior Senator
    Richmond, California
    To become an advocate for this campus change in addition to becoming a strong voice for any student who feels that their own is unheard.

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  • Ashley Sodipo
  • Junior Senator
    Glastonbury, Connecticut
    I wanted to be more involved on campus and make sure students have the opportunity to express the change they want.
  • Maria Papaioannou
  • Junior Senator
    Staten Island, New York
    I wanted to become involved in all aspects of the school and student life. This will guarantee that students’ voices are always heard.

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  • Tyler Wilcox
  • Sophomore Senator
    Windsor Locks, Connecticut
    I wanted to become part of SGA because I wanted to be more involved with student life and also have input on what goes on within the school.

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  • Julia Loria
  • Freshman Senator
    La Jolla, California
    I love helping and connecting with people, and thought SGA would be a great way to put this enthusiasm to good use.