Minor in Dance

The Dance Program offers study in a range of disciplines, including Ballet, Jazz, Modern, and Tap as well as courses in Choreography, History, and Criticism. Professional dancers and choreographers regularly offer guest workshops and are hired to participate in the program.
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Requirements for a Minor in Dance

Required Courses:

DA191: History of Dance
DA302: Dance Techniques
DA395: Dance Criticism
DA401: Techniques of Choreography

Electives: Students choose 4 from the following:

DA301 and/or DA301S: Musical Theatre Styles
DA303 and/or DA303P: Partnering
DA252 and/or DA252B: Ballet II
DA353 and/or DA353B: Ballet III
DA454 and/or DA454B: Ballet IV
DA262 and/or DA262J: Jazz II
DA363 and/or DA363J: Jazz III
DA464 and/or DA464J: Jazz IV
DA272 and/or DA272M: Modern II
DA373 and/or DA373M: Modern III
DA282 and/or DA282T: Tap II
DA383 and/or DA383T: Tap III
DA484 and/or DA484T: Tap IV
DA495 and/or DA495C: Contemporary Dance Workshop

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