Theatre & Childhood Education


OKLAHOMA, 2008, directed by Norb Joerder

For the Education component of the Dual Major consult the Education site.  The Senior Learning Community is taken in the Education Department.
For the Theatre component a total of 11 units is required with the following distribution:

Experiential Units:

  • Th011: Theatre Lab (2 semesters of 0.5 units each)
  • Th014-18: Play Production (2 semesters of 0 units each)



Foundation courses: 

  • Th103: Script Analysis
  • Th106: Introduction to Acting
  • Th111: Introduction to Design
  • Th233:  Theatre History

Courses in the Following Categories (Select 6 units from at least 3 sections):

Technical Classes

  • Th107: Stage Craft
  • Th108: Stage Lighting and Electronics
  • Th109: Stage Costuming
  • Th110: Scenic Painting
  • Th209: Drafting (0 unit) combined with Th219: Computer Visualization, TC, (1 unit)
  • Th240: Stage Make-up

Performance Classes

  • Th204: Intermediate Acting (Th106 Pre-req)
  • Th229:  Devised Theatre
  • Th255:  Acting for the Camera
  • Da***: One Unit of Studio Dance

Design Classes

HELLO DOLLY, 2014 directed by Norb Joerder

HELLO DOLLY, 2014 directed by Norb Joerder

  • Th306:  Sound Design
  • Th313:  Costume Design
  • Th321: Scenic Design
  • Th323: Lighting Design
  • Th324: Period Styles


  • Th290:  Playwriting
  • Th310: Directing I
  • Th311: Directing II
  • Th350: Stage Management
  • Th440: Arts Management
  • Da401: Choreography

Literature and History

  • Th218: History of American Film
  • Th228:  History of Costume and Fashion
  • Th235: Musical Theatre History
  • Th450:  Theatre Criticism
  • Da191: Dance History
  • Da395:  Dance Criticism